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Breakfast Scramble (Tuesday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
The Very Model of the Modern Liberal War, from Bruce McQuain, Questions and Observations [1]:

[T]here is no – none, zip, nada – connection, not even a tenuous one, to American national security and the war on Libya.

Baby Where’s my Viagra Award, from Newsbusters [2]:

Susan Rice did a remarkable job at the UN. No one could have predicted, even critics of the policy could not predict such a muscular resolution being approved and the abstensions from Russia and China. This came much faster than anyone expected. And came with some very adept diplomacy….

The problem that the President has in projecting American values is that he first of all believes in a a multi-lateralist policy. Now on that score he has really accomplished that. This was pretty remarkable – bringing this whole coalition together and getting the Arab League.

Andi dear, the secret not building a coalition.   Both Bush’s Forty-One and Forty-Three assembled multination coalitions.    The difference is that the Bush’s kept their coalitions together, from Deborah Pasmantier, Age [3](AU):

While the US-French-British core stayed solid, cracks started to show Monday in the military coalition hastily assembled to take action on Libya as the Arab League and some EU countries wavered.

Criticism of the operation came swiftly after French jets took to the skies on Saturday to launch the first air strikes on Libyan targets in support of UN Security Council Resolution 1973.

Don’t count your coalitions before the peace treaty is signed.