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Breakfast Scramble (Tuesday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble

Dumbo’s Daffy Energy Policy, is Dumbo b/k/a Barack Obama hostile to business, from Anchorage Daily News [1]:

WASHINGTON — With the unrest in the Middle East as his springboard, Gov. Sean Parnell lashed out at the Obama administration’s stance on domestic oil production, saying the White House approach was having a tangible effect on the country’s foreign policy.

In a speech at the National Press Club, the Republican governor called the federal government “openly hostile” to oil-producing states, particularly for the delays in allowing Shell to drill exploratory wells on leases off Alaska’s northern coast that the company purchased in 2008.

Or simply everybody, from the Detroit News [2]:

Gasoline prices are jumping toward the “Oh my God!” level, and if they continue upward, will soon have an unpleasant impact on consumer behavior. An economy still struggling to recover can’t afford for Americans to get nervous about spending.

High pump prices have that effect. The huge 2008 run-up in oil prices throttled consumer spending, hitting the automobile industry — and thus, Michigan — particularly hard.

The turmoil in the Middle East has pushed oil above $100 per barrel again, and gasoline prices are following suit. In Metro Detroit, many stations are posting prices above $3.30, with predictions that they will move higher unless oil supplies increase.

Unfortunately, at the same time foreign supplies are falling, domestic production is being curtailed by policies of President Barack Obama’s administration.

Energy fuels our economy, and Obama is hell bent on seeing that we have both less energy and more expensive energy.   Not good for economic growth or a second term.

Dumbo steps in it, from Michael O’Brien, Hill [3]:

President Obama warned Monday against vilifying public workers, making his first allusion to the labor dispute in Wisconsin in a week and a half.


“I don’t think it does anybody any good when public servants are denigrated, or vilified, or have their rights infringed upon,” Obama said.

Obviously when Obama says everybody, he does not to refer to anybody to pay  taxes.    The difference between public sector and private sector unions, from Peter Whoriskey and Amy Gardner, Washington Post [4]:

Throughout U.S. history, the most prominent union clashes largely involved employees squaring off against big corporate owners over how to share profits. The recent state budget controversies feature union members bargaining against state and local governments over wages and benefits provided by taxpayers.

The shift reflects the profound changes in American unionism. Last year, for the first time in American history, a majority of union members worked for the government rather than private firms. About 36 percent of government workers, or 7.6 million people, are members of unions, compared with about 7 percent of private-sector workers, or 7.1 million people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Government is not a profit center but rather a burden, albeit to some extent, a necessary burden.

Public sector employees work for the public, and the public. like any other employer, has right to express dissatisfaction with their employees.   In contrast, President Civility likes to attack private citizens,  from the National Review, via Michael in M, AmeriCAN -DO Attitude [5]:

Readers have made some points about my Rush Limbaugh bit in Impromptus today, and a few of these points, I forgot to make myself. In particular, I should have noted this: One of the creepiest, most disturbing things about the “war on Rush” — particularly as orchestrated from the White House? Limbaugh is a private citizen. A reader wrote, “The same people who gasped because the FBI surveilled John Lennon are more than happy to have government employees — including Emanuel and Gibbs — conduct a campaign to demonize and diminish a radio personality for political purposes.”

Rush is a big boy, and he can handle it. But still . . . There is something creepy about bringing the weight of the government down on a radio host, even if that host is prominent, influential, and brave.

Couldn’t President Obama save this heaviness for Ahmadinejad, Assad, Kim Jong Il, and other real villains?

President Obama Is in no position to give lessons in  either economics are civility.

Late Senator Oldsmobile  a reprobate, confirmed by Judicial Watch [6]:

While in Santiago, Kennedy “made arrangements to ‘rent’ a brothel for an entire night”; Sought meetings with “communists and others who had left-wing views”

ReaxL Weasel Zippers [7]:

Filed under “The least shocking story of all time.”

Is there any reason for anybody to be shocked?