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Dumbo on Guns, Barrack Obama, Arizona Daily Star:

It’s been more than two months since the tragedy in Tucson stunned the nation. It was a moment when we came together as one people to mourn and to pray for those we lost. And in the attack’s turbulent wake, Americans by and large rightly refrained from finger-pointing, assigning blame or playing politics with other people’s pain.

But one clear and terrible fact remains. A man our Army rejected as unfit for service; a man one of our colleges deemed too unstable for studies; a man apparently bent on violence, was able to walk into a store and buy a gun.

He used it to murder six people and wound 13 others. And if not for the heroism of bystanders and a brilliant surgical team, it would have been far worse.

Guns are safe.   Unarmed citizenry’s are not.  Factor out suicides, a personal choice, and murders,  a questions of methods,  guns deaths are rare.    More people dies for medical malaventure than accidental guns deaths.  Shall me outlaw physicians?  If President Obama thinks guns are so darn bad, he should first disarm the Secret Service by executive order.   I trust  no man who demands you give up your guns, while he keeps his.

Pricking the Bully, Clarice Feldman exposes the hypocrisy of the Obami’s anti-bullying campaign, from American Thinker:

[I]t is a sure sign that Obama is recognizing the slippage in the polls when he and his scenery chewing mate involve themselves with school bullying. (The kids’ fat behinds were more on the line of give the First Lady an issue to keep her busy, in my opinion though it certainly exposed the first lady’s own bullying skills.)

But this takes the cake. In the first place, the initiative is being led by pedophile enabler Kevin Jennings. In the second, the notion of federal regulations of childhood bullying shows the overly expansive regulatory notions of the Obamini. Just imagine the FBI spending its time prosecuting kids because someone once made fun of Barack’s Dumbo-like ears, Finally, though you’d think I’ve exhausted the irony well here, the anti-bullying initiative comes in a week where Obama both openly and covertly sided (through his speech, his supporters in the SEIU and the Organizing for America gang) with thugs in Wisconsin who have threatened the Governor and state legislators with murder, caused great damage to the historic state capitol, let into the state capitol protestors in an effort to overwhelm the elected officials meeting in the Assembly to pass a law needed to keep the state from fiscal ruin.

The President signals grown-up bullying to defeat the will of the voters and save a state from ruin is okay, but ragging on your fellow students is a federal crime.

Obama is a bully.

Global Warming, R.I.P. from Alan Caruba, Canada Free Press:

Have you noticed that you rarely hear “global warming” mentioned on radio or television and the term rarely occurs any more in the print media?


To borrow a line from Shakespeare, I come to bury global warming, not to praise it.

An early and unrelenting skeptic from the days it first debuted in the late 1980s, I rather instinctively knew that the only warming occurring was the same natural warming that always follows a cooling cycle; in this case the warming that began in 1850 after the Little Ice Age that began around 1300

I am old enough to remember the attempted climate panic over so-called global cooling,  the coming Ice Age.

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