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Breakfast Scramble (Monday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Dumbo’s green economics, from Debra Saunders,RCP [1]:

The problem is that Obama thinks that green jobs are the answer to the anemic economy recovery. And he clings to that belief in the face of contrary evidence.

I would have better described it as Obama believes.   Thinking is above Dumbo’s pay grade.

Reich comes up short, from Robert Reich, San Francisco Chronicle [2]:

By the way, the president is absolutely right about those investments. But he’s not going to get anywhere if they’re competing for dollars with Social Security, Medicare and defense. And he doesn’t have a prayer of getting extra dollars to help hard-pressed states that are disinvesting like mad in education and infrastructure.

Over the long term, the only way to improve the living standards of most Americans is to invest in our people – especially their educations, skills and the communications and transportation systems linking them together and with the rest of the world.

As usual, Riech is wrong. The key to improved standard of living is increase efficiency.   The more goods and services we can buy with the same one dollar, the higher our standard of living.   If you earn a dollar a day, and a potato cost a dollar, your standard of living is one potato.  On on the other hand,  on the same dollar, if potatoes are two for a dollar, your standard of  living is two potatoes.

Defending FLOTUS, the Sister defends the Fat Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama,  from Sister Toldjah [3]:


Hat tip: Cripe Suzzette

In another Politico article [5], here’s a direct quote: “First Lady Michelle Obama’s Charlotte barbecue gaffe”. Please!

The AP article [6] referenced in the Politico piece was entirely devoted to the whole “pure BBQ” debate, where to get the best, etc, but also took a shot at Michelle Obama’s BBQ reference.

Seriously? And it’s not even a slow news week. Not by a long shot [7].