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Egyptian democracy still born, Robert Springborg, Foreign Policy:

The Obama administration, having already thrown its weight behind the military, if not Mubarak personally, thereby facilitating the outcome just described, can be expected to redouble its already bad gamble. Fearing once again that the regime might be toppled, it will lean on the Europeans, the Saudis, and others to come to Egypt’s aid. The final nail will be driven into the coffin of the failed democratic transition in Egypt. It will be back to business as usual with a repressive, U.S.-backed military regime, only now the opposition will be much more radical and probably yet more Islamist. The historic opportunity to have a democratic Egypt led by those with whom the U.S., Europe, and even Israel could do business will have been lost, maybe forever. Uncle Sam will have to eat yet more humble pie, served up by the dictator who has just been insulting him.

I agree with half of what Springborg says,the opportunity for democracy in Egypt is dead.  I disagree such an opportunity ever existed at all.  For, you can not have democrasy unless you first have democrats.  There are no democrats in Egypt.

EEIU for Obama Care  for thee, Service Employees International Union, from Alexander Bolton, Hill:

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is lobbying hard against the amendment offered by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) to repeal the healthcare reform law.


SEIU’s outspoken defense of the law has prompted charges of hypocrisy from Republicans, given that some of the union’s chapters have sought waivers exempting them from a key provision of the law requiring the phaseout of health plans with low caps on annual benefits.

It has been said, that the best way to kill a stupid law,  such as Obama Care, is to fully enforce it.    IF the democrats can’t live with Obama Care, it should be killed.

Babs Boxer explains lack of snow, video:

I know Babs is not a real blond, but she ought to be.

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One Response to “Breakfast Scramble (Friday)”

  1. Good to see these changes; the future? No one can predict.The Egyptians need to hold a referendum to determine the kind of government that the want – parliamentary form or presidential – representational form. They also need to select the nominees and vote for the people whom they have selected to represent them in the new government. And of course, the legal issues need to be addressed – the constitution.No one from the old regime should be on the ballot.