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He Hu laughs last,
China’s President Hu Jintao laugh all the way back to China, from Doug Powers 2 Michelle Malkin:

The Washington Post has given their Worst Week in Washington distinction to China’s President Hu Jintao for enduring questions about human rights, Harry Reid calling him a dictator and members of Congress declining invitations to the state dinner due to China’s human rights record. Also, in the same week as Hu’s visit, a Michigan man was sent to prison for attempting to spy for China. But there’s still a chance that Hu is chuckling all the way back to Beijing.

Blackie O
, who knew Joan Rivers was still alive and still attempting stand-up comedy?  From, Scared Monkeys:

Hat tip: Cripe Suzzette

In an interview with Howard Stern, comedian Joan Rivers revealed that she wanted to do a joke about first lady Michelle Obama; however, she backed off because she did nit want to be perceived as being a racist. She was going to refer to Michelle Obama as “Blackie – O” in comparison to Jackie O and the former first lady’s sense of style and fashion.


have been labeled a member of the Tea Party.

One side note to Joan Rivers, sorry, but when it comes to style and fashion … Michelle Obama does not even begin to hold a candle to to former first lady and dearly deaparted Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

ISFAIK, Jackie Kennedy never attempted to pass a circus tent off as a dress.

Hat tip photo:   Criped Zuzzette.

Rudy No, Rudy Giuliani feigns interest in yet another presidential run, from Robert Costa, National Review:

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani tells National Review Online that he is seriously considering a 2012 presidential run. “I’m like a running back that has the ball and I’m looking for openings,” he says. “A crowded [field] may be good, from my point of view.”

But has America’s Mayor, now 66, learned any lessons from his stalled 2008 campaign? “I sure have,” he chuckles. “You have to win New Hampshire.” That, of course, is a different tune than four years ago, when he placed all of his bets on Florida.

Giuliani has left too much Empire State dead meat on the the table for me to believe he has any interest in higher office.   Giuliani makes it habit to refuse to challenge Empire State democrats.   Rudy not running for anything.

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