DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Dumbo wants your guns, Obama White House is use Chnstina Taylor-Green murders as ab excuse to grab your guns, from Newsweak:

But in the next two weeks, the White House will unveil a new gun-control effort in which it will urge Congress to strengthen current laws, which now allow some mentally unstable people, such as alleged Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, to obtain certain assault weapons, in some cases without even a background check.

Tuesday night after the speech, Obama adviser David Plouffe said to NBC News that the president would not let the moment after the Arizona shootings pass without pushing for some change in the law, to prevent another similar incident. “It’s a very important issue, and one I know there’s going to be debate about on the Hill.”

If Barack Obama is serious about gun control he needs to first disarm the Secret Service by executive order.   If Obama is unwilling to forgo guns for his personal security, there is no reason at all for you and your family to have defend yourselves with kitchen knives and baseball bats.

More SOTU reax, from Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal:

Tuesday, Mr. Obama proclaimed the country was “poised for progress.” In some anemic ways it is. But 142 million Americans were employed the day before Mr.  Obama took office and 139 million are today. The total debt was $10.6 trillion before his inaugural and $14.2 trillion today. The time for blaming his predecessor passed long ago. Mr. Obama is the president and Americans increasingly expect him to act as such.


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