DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Rush is Right, as usual, from Keach Hagey, Politico:

Glenn Beck and his colleagues on Fox News may have been complimentary of President Obama’s speech last night, but Rush Limbaugh sure wasn’t.
He criticized the timing of the memorial service on Wednesday, four days after the Tucson shootings, saying it should have happened sooner.

“The reason they waited as long as they did is they were waiting for polling data,” he said. “If they polling data had been different, the speech would have been different.”

To state the painfully obvious.   You do not need sports arena for a memorial service.   You do not need to print and distribute tee shirts for a memorial service.   On the other boot do need both an arena and free tee shirts for a political rally.    Further, if  you speaking from your heart, you don’t need to wait four days for polling results.  Obama Tucson speech been called his finest hour  Might be.

Pizza a proxy for politics? Ben Smith finds a new way to research a presidential canidate, from Politico:

Godfather’s Pizza gets mixed reviews

I’ve never had Godfather’s Pizza, which Herman Cain once headed up, but I asked for some reviews on Twitter just now. They were mixed

Nice work Ben.  Too bad you never displayed a much initiative about Barack Obama’s  college transcripts, law or medical records.

Jennifer Rubin

Jen’s advice to the left, from Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post:

So, for my friends on the left: facts count. You can’t spin a narrative and not be expected to be called on the underlying, flawed premise.


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