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The Cost of Compromise with Democrats

Senator Fred Thompson [1] Twitters today:


Fred Thompson

Has there EVER been a bipartisan deal with Democrats that didn’t involve spending great big piles of money? http://bit.ly/fV50r9 [3] #ftrs [4] #tcot [5]

The answer of course is a resounding “No”, which is why,  by its very definition of such deals, are anything but a beneficial process.  But let’s look closely at this thing, here, wiuth the help of Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday: [6]

DURBIN:  The nature of a compromise is to give up some things so that the other side will do the same, and that’s what happened.  The president has a big victory here.  It’s big because it means there won’t be a tax increase at the first of the year, which could have hurt our economy.  Unemployment benefits are going out to help millions of people across this country, and we’re giving businesses some breaks to help that they will be able to stabilize and build their own employee workforce in the process.


Rush Limbaugh

RUSH:  Now, I have to analyze this, folks. I just can’t let this go.  Let’s just take this line by line.  “The president has a big victory here.  It’s big because it means there won’t be a tax increase at the first of the year[.]”  Dick, the only reason we have tax increases at all in this country is because of you! You guys come along, “there won’t be a big tax increase”?  Why didn’t you cut taxes two years ago, Dick?  Why didn’t you and Obama cut taxes two years ago in the midst of the beginning of the recession?  If you want to admit to us two years after you have destroyed this economy, two years after you have purposely spent this country into a debt that it can never repay, you now want credit for not raising taxes?  And people are actually gonna swallow this and not get sick?  You guys actually want credit for not raising taxes because it’s now not gonna hurt the economy?  Well, that’s really fine and dandy, Dick, after you guys have already done as much damage to this economy as one political party could in two years! You now come along and want to claim victory because you’re not gonna damage the economy?  Dick, if tax cuts, or if not raising taxes, is a brilliant economic maneuver in times of recession, then what the hell, why didn’t you do them two years ago, Dick? Sorry, folks.  I can’t listen to this stuff and have it go in one ear and out the other.

The next thing. “There won’t be a tax increase that would have hurt our economy.”  Finally! Who won here?  You people want to tell me Obama wins when this is their take on it?  They’re singing our tune! They’re using our lyrics.  They’re singing out of our hymnal.  They’re singing from the Reagan book.  They’re singing from the Buckley book, from the Burke book.  I’m sitting here and I’m stunned.  I know I’m not as smart as the people inside the Beltway, but how can anybody look at what Durbin here — and, by the way, Durbin is saying this is what they want out there, this is what they want the media to report: “Oh, yeah, big, big win.”  The president who has destroyed this economy, the president whose policies have stunk this country up, has spent us into generational theft levels of debt, now claim victory because there won’t be a tax increase?

Well, look; Limbaugh is correct, that they’ve changed their tune, following the election, these Democrats. But let’s face the facts about this; The Democrats that are currently in charge, Obama included, are ideologues.  Left wing ideologues, at that.  Such people do not change their stripes, nor would Obama and company have called this kind of bill a victory unless there was something going on here that was not being seen by the casual observer.

Look at the numbers of angry, frothing at the mouth Democrats, screaming about the tax cuts being extended for anyone at all.  I submit to you the Bush tax cuts would not have been dealt with at all, but would have been allowed to expire had this most recent election not occurred as such.   So why do this now and claim victory over it?

The most obvious of what we’re not being reminded of, is the habit of Democrats, of getting out in front of the Lynch mob and pretending it’s a parade.  The most recent example of this in history being Bill Clinton, as regards Welfare Reform. The pattern is there.

The other, perhaps less obvious point, given the lack of news coverage over it, is the amount of pork being attached to the bill. [8]I submit the pork  spending, is why Obama calls this a victory… since the Democrats only think government spending is “stimulus”.

The costs of having a Democrat run government, is a destroyed economy, and many destroyed lives as the jobs disappear under what Obama calls “Change”. What then can be said about compromise with the people that wrought this destruction?