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Breakfast Scramble (Wednesday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Elizabeth Edwards, Raleigh News Observer [1]:

Elizabeth Anania Edwards, who became a national figure in her fight against cancer and as a partner in her husband John’s political career, died today. She was 61.

Ulysses S. Grant, Cold Harbor, Virginia, 1864:

“I will fight it on this line if it takes all summer.”

Reference. [2]

Barack H Obama:

What is a line?

Charming Barry, from Michelle [3]:

President Obama looks haggard and peeved and petulant at his White House press briefing on the tax deal, still underway as I type.

Exuding his typical gracelessness, he pouted about being forced into negotiations, whined about “tax cuts for the wealthy” as the “Holy Grail” of the Republican Party, and yes, referred to the GOP as “hostage-takers.”

Smooth move, by calling the ‘Pubs hostage takers, Dumbo loses the independents, and my compromising iwth them, he loses his liberal base.   Tell how smart this guy was supposed to be.