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Breakfast Scramble (Tuesday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Leftard food fight, Julian Assange has the left beside itself, from Melaine Phillips, Guardian [1](UK):

Never mind that, for the Left, this liberal nirvana is normally the country which can do no wrong. This inconvenient contradiction troubled neither The Guardian nor its comrades, who dismissed the case against Assange as a ‘witch-hunt’.

The fact that Sweden — not the U.S. — wanted Assange extradited to investigate claims against him of offences committed in Sweden — not the U.S. — was nevertheless held up as further proof that America was behind these charges. Obviously!

For the whole world-view of the Left rests upon its iron-clad conviction that America is a global conspiracy of evil from which all bad things ultimately emanate.

Amanda Marcotte, Pandagon [2]:

Few misogynist men are rapists, but those who aren’t rely on rapists as a threat to keep women in line, such as when RS McCain made it clear that he supports rapists as a vigilante force punishing women who are sexually liberated with men that aren’t RS McCain.

So nice of Mandy to concede that not all men are rapists.  I feel so relieved.    As for sexually liberated women, formerly and preferably called sluts, I have no desire to either punish them, or respect them.   Sluts really aren’t worth the effort to punish.  As to the Swedish Assange allegations, taking the reports at face value depicts Assange to be a jerk. He had unprotected sex with two women and left them scared to death they had contacted a sexually transmitted disease.  I will spare myself the nuances of Swedish rape law, and deem Assange to a cad As for the two Swedish women, apparently neither one made love to a man they trusted in their life.   As such they not to be punish or condemned, rather jsn’ t pitied

Hat tipRS McCain [3].