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Dumbo throws ‘rate underneath the bus, Barack Obama and congressional repubolicans agree to extend Bush era tax rates, from Shailagh Murray
Washington Post:

President Obama and congressional Republicans agreed Monday to a tentative deal that would extend for two years all the Bush-era income tax breaks set to expire on Dec. 31, continue unemployment benefits for an additional 13 months and cut payroll taxes for workers to encourage employers to start hiring.

Alas there is no joy in ‘Ratville, from Ken Rudin, NPR:

But what about congressional Democrats?  They were once so confident that their “no tax cuts for the rich” message would prevail.  They were further confident that Republicans would pay a political price for opposing the extension of unemployment benefits.  Neither has happened.

Frustrated, Democrats tried, in two Senate votes on Saturday, to bring to the floor proposals that would limit the tax cuts to earnings under $250,000 (offered by Montana’s Max Baucus) and then one that would end the tax breaks on income over $1 million (offered by New York’s Chuck Schumer).  The efforts may have been symbolic since they knew the Obama administration was negotiating with the GOP.  Still, neither proposal got the 60 votes needed to bring them to a vote.

Dope from Hope wants respect.  Mike Huckabee whines about lack of standing in the polls, from Politico:

“I just don’t understand how it is that a person can read these polls day after day and the narrative is constantly everybody but me,” he told POLITICO. “Whether I do it or not, the fact is that if one looks at the overall body of information that’s available, nobody would be in a better position to take it all the way to November.”

Try growing a pair governor.   I want a conservative for president, not a pro-life liberal.   Want a candidate who opposes illegal immigration and higher taxes, not one that supports both.
The power of myth making, from Gallup:

Nearly 50 years after Kennedy’s assassination, the vast majority of Americans see his presidency in a positive light, much improved from how he was viewed in his final days. The 27-point difference between his final job approval rating and his latest retrospective approval rating far exceeds that of any subsequent president. However, Reagan, Ford, Carter, and George H.W. Bush have enjoyed substantial increases in public approval since leaving office, particularly when they have stayed out of partisan politics. George W. Bush also seems to be benefiting from this tendency in his initial retrospective approval reading, which is up 13 points from his last reading in office. By contrast, Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton are rated similarly to how they were viewed at the end of their terms.

The best thing I can say about the Kennedy administration is that I survived it.   The Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vienna Summit, it was certainly no Camelot, expect in the mind of the Hyannis Port mafia spin machine.

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