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Breakfast Scramble (Saturday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Faking the rage, from PolitiFact [1]

PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year: ‘A government takeover of health care’

Retort fromPeter Suderman, Reason [2]:

Politifact’s Lie of the Year Is An Exaggeration With Elements of Truth

On the other boot the idea that Obama Care would let you keep your coverage or doctor, reduce the deficit, or not cover abortion were flat out lies.

Faking the fight, John Avlon pretends to discuss divisiveness in contemporary politics and pretends to oppose it, from Daily Beast [3]:

One of the core purposes of No Labels is to remind Americans that our domestic political opponents are not our sworn enemies. Neither President Bush nor President Obama ever deserves to be compared to tyrants or terrorists—and if you only object to the president of your party being compared to Hitler, you’re part of the problem. I hope that No Labels can help rekindle some of the spirit of national unity we found and then quickly squandered after 9/11 —because we can’t wait for a terrorist attack or natural disaster to remember that there is more that unites us than divides us as Americans

A honest discussion of divisiveness in our political scene has to include the demonizer in chief and indeed should start with him.  Yet, Avlon chooses to ignore Barack Obama’s evil rhetoric.     Obama hates what this country is and was, and desires to remake the nation into a socialist paradise, only Mao Tse  Tung or Saul Allinksy would love.

If you don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh, and the vast majority of Americans do not, Rush does not send out  his jack-booted thugs to face you to listen.   On the other if you white and try to vote in Philadelphia, Obama thugs will threaten you.    If as governor of Arizona, you try to uphold immigration laws, you will sued by Obama’s Department of Jusiice.    If you refuse pay Obama’s health tax, the Internal Revenue Service will go after you.

Hooeygate, the splatter from Michael Moore’s potty mouth comments to Keith Olbermann continue:,from Mediaite

Update: Keith Olbermann has announced that he is suspending his Twitter account “until this frenzy is stopped.”

Update 2: This is serious. He has even taken down his profile picture.

On Tuesday’s Countdown, host Keith Olbermann and guest Michael Moore sparked widespread outrage over their dismissive treatment of rape allegations against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. While some of the segment is open to interpretation, Moore made a clear factual error when he said that Assange only stands accused of having his condom break during consensual sex.

It is amusing what damage these children do.  Now back to the adults.

Where arth thou Sir Winston, Royals shun the Obamas, via Blackfive [4]-:

Oh, the humiliation. Once not so long ago one of the world’s top celebrities in his own right, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle did not make the cut for invitations to the royal wedding in London next spring.


The question now is whether it is better to grovel or threaten to get invited, or to pretend you don’t care. Obama would be wise to choose the second and just continue his F Britain policy. He has made a point about his dislike of Britain from the very start and it seems the royals noticed. I mean O began by deposing a bust of the hated colonialist Winston Churchill

The are a lot that Dim Won does not like, Brits, ‘pubs, tax payers, the unborn, much of the media, and very little he does to mask it.

Nags sue Hooters, from Carolyn Alburger, Eater [5]:

HOOTERSCalifornia NOW (National Organization of Women) is filing complaints today against local Hooters Restaurants [6] for violating laws pertaining to sexual entertainment and minors. NOW says Hooters has billed itself primarily as a provider of “vicarious sexual entertainment” in the past, yet it continues to offer children’s menus and shwag geared at young ones, like “Future Hooters Girl” t-shirts in child sizes. So now that you’ve figured out what to get little cousin Judy for Christmas, head over to SFist for more on this breaking rant [6]. [SFist]

If you don’t want you children to go to Hooters, don’t take them.   Waitressing is not rocket science but it can be a pretty good job.   Waitresses in the right position can make pretty decent wage, without incurring four years of college debt.