DavidL's Breakfast Scramble Atheists crisis of faith, frmo Amanda Knief, Secular:

Atheists Excluded from Mayor-Elect Gray’s Inauguration Humanist Celebrant Denied Equal Time at Ecumenical Prayer Service Atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other nontheistic Washington, D.C. residents will have no representation at Mayor-Elect Vincent Gray’s first official inaugural event—an ecumenical prayer service entitled “One City … Praying Together” at 8 a.m. Sunday, January 2, 2011.  “We would prefer that a government function such as an inauguration not be entwined with religion,” said Amanda Knief, a Humanist Celebrant and government relations manager for the Secular Coalition for America (SCA). “However, we find it overtly discriminatory when we request to be part of an ecumenical prayer service that is supposed to unite the entire city and are told there is no place for nontheists.”

Grow a pair Amanda.  If  you truly believe that there is no god, and such is your right to so believe, why go you give a rat’s hindquarter who the mayor prays to or not.   After, if you are right, the mayor is merely wasting his time.   Personally, I’d rather have a mayor that wastes his time than one that wastes the taxpayers’ money.

More, Hemant Mehta, Friendly Atheist [sis]

Washington, D.C. Mayor-Elect Vincent Gray (a Democrat, if it matters to you) is having a prayer service as his first “official” event on January 2nd. It’s called “One City… Praying Together.”  That’s a nice way to begin a term as mayor: Raise a middle finger to all the non-theistic citizens in DC.  Gray could at least reach out to our community by inviting a Humanist Celebrant to the event to deliver a secular invocation.  The Secular Coalition for America suggested just that. But they were told there was no room for non-theists in the event.

Amusing, so atheists, or at least some atheists,  profess not to believe in a god,but still find the need for their version of  a priest, to wti human celebrant.  Wow!

(signed) agnostic in Gates.

The Day the Color Died, form A. G. Sulzberger,  New York Times:

PARSONS, Kan. — An unlikely pilgrimage is under way to Dwayne’s Photo, a small family business that has through luck and persistence become the last processor in the world of Kodachrome, the first successful color film and still the most beloved.

Dwayne’s Photo, in Parsons, Kan., will be processing the final rolls of it Thursday.
That celebrated 75-year run from mainstream to niche photography is scheduled to come to an end on Thursday when the last processing machine is shut down here to be sold for scrap

Over and Out, Victor Davis Hanson ends 2019 on the upbeat, from Real Clear Politics:

In short, a nation’s health is not gauged by bouts of recession and self-doubt, but by its time-honored political, economic, military and social foundations. A temporarily ill-seeming America is nevertheless still growing, stable, multiethnic, transparent, individualistic, self-critical and meritocratic; almost all of its apparently healthy rivals in fact are not.

See you in 2011.

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