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Dumbo Care is pile of poop, from the Cat Food Commission, via John Merline, AOL News:

2) Health reform’s cost savings apparently were bogus. Remember how Democrats boasted that health reform would cut the budget deficit by $170 billion over the next decade and far more after that? The deficit commission must not have gotten that memo. It says health spending projections under the new law “count on large phantom savings” and the reform law’s new long-term care program that the report calls “unsustainable.” As a result, Congress will still need to enact “a number of other reforms to reduce federal health spending and slow the growth of health care costs more broadly.”

I believe everything Barack Obama said about health care reform was a lie.

Hat tip:   Ed Morrissey, Hot Air.

Babs Boxer in denialSan Francisco Chronicle:

The U.S. Senate has a historic opportunity right now to repeal the Pentagon’s discriminatory “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy once and for all. Now that the Pentagon has completed its comprehensive review of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” we have a chance to move our country forward toward full equality – and we must not waste it.

Wrong Babs.   For your information, the purpose of our military is twofold.   One is to prepare  for war and two is to prevail in war.    Promoting dubious social agenda advances neither.   Military personnel policy is inherently discxriminatory.    The old, the fat, the disabled are all barred from service.   Such is life.

The adverse effects of reversing DADT will be most keenly felt in ground combat units.   That is to say,  repealing DADT  would harm the units that are most human personnel policy can make what God made unequal, equal.    Homophiles desire to be treated as if they were normal.   Well they are not and there is nothing Babs can do do change that particular fact.

Shreveport meets Ithaca, Pat Astin finds William A. Jacobson, from So It Goes in Shreveport:

So, blogoverse, let me clarify my silly previous post and just say that Legal Insurrection is the greatest blog I’ve ever seen. It is full of insightful commentary on the human condition, with a wit-tinged subtext calling out for hope in a world of change, bringing joy to many all in HIS spare time.

More than being a must read Blog, Legal Insurrection is the only blog written by a law professor that is worth reading daily.

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