We’ve had a spot of bother with the plug-ins normally used here.  One of them updated, and crashed the entire system , probably on Friday.  While you were able to see everything that we’ve written to that point, some of us if not all of us were unable to access the control panel.  Therefore, we were unable to post anything new.  I wasn’t aware of the problem until I looked at it this morning and it took me several hours to get us operational again.

It appears, that one of the automatic updates caused serious problems here.  What precisely is going on I don’t know, but I have a minimal set of plug ins running and we’re back in business.

I think I’ve figured out a way to post more frequently to the site, and will commence doing so as soon as I finish up the details.  Sometimes connectivity from the road is a little sketchy at best.  Thanks always to those reading and particular thanks to David for his ceaseless efforts at keeping the place afloat.

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