Bruce McQuain asks the question:
So are Obama and the Democrats focused like a laser on jobs and the economy?

Then, Bruce answers his own question with the rather obvious, “Uh… No.”

The point is taken, Bruce.  That said, consider how much worse things would be if the democrats were actually focusing like a laser beam on the economy.  After all, everything that they have actually focused on has turned into a major screw up for the past two years.

Addendum: (DavidL)

Bruce gets an echo from a rather strange source, Eleanor Clift, in Newsweak:

What he [Barack Obama] needs are some hard-nosed policies to rescue the millions of homeowners who are underwater, plus a vision to revive the nation’s manufacturing base to begin the long and painful restoration of jobs. He needs people around him who make him uncomfortable, who challenge his world view, and who have a better understanding of the workings of Capitol Hill, however dysfunctional it has become. The people around Obama caught the lightning in ’08, but they’ve been outmaneuvered by a party that two years ago was on the brink of extinction.

Obama neither understands what creates jobs for ordinary American, nor even cares.  Obama is worried about but one job in the entire world, to wit his own.   More taxes and more regulation will not revive the economy, and create private sector jobs.   Obama would rather pass Cap and Tax than create a private sector job.

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One Response to “Like a Laser Beam?”

  1. No sighting system can be effective, unless you first identify the target.  The Obama administration is inherently incapable of focusing in or jobs like a laser beam, because the entire Obama administration has not idea how to recognize a job.