DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Jimmy Carter has the Norks all wrong, former and disgraced President Jimmy Carter wants to appease North Korea for their recent temper tantrum, from the Washington Post:

No one can completely understand the motivations of the North Koreans, but it is entirely possible that their recent revelation of their uranium enrichment centrifuges and Pyongyang’s shelling of a South Korean island Tuesday are designed to remind the world that they deserve respect in negotiations that will shape their future. Ultimately, the choice for the United States may be between diplomatic niceties and avoiding a catastrophic confrontation.

Nobody and no nation deserves respect.  Rather respect has to earned, and all the Norks has shown is that third rate bully who likes to throw temper tantrums.  The way to deal with temper tantrums is not to reward them

Our Thanksgiving sermon, video:

The kid has got talent.  Got into an argument about her today.  I said she had a future in the clergy.  Phil said she has future as an actor.  Then of course preaching and acting have a fair bit in common.

Don’t worry about Sarah. Will I agree with every thing Sarah Palin says?  No.  Then Sarah does worry about every thing Barbara Bush says either, video:

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and don’t over do the football.

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