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Breakfast Scramble (Monday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Dumbo’s Delusion I, refuses to admit, or can not see, is the American people do not like his polices, from Toby Harnden,Telegraph [1] (UK):

The one thing Obama was not prepared to admit was that his policies, which have led to a massive expansion of government power and the national debt, could in any way be at fault. The problem with health care reform, he said, was that the process used to achieve it was “an ugly mess” – no mention that it was hugely unpopular and pushed through on a partisan vote without a single Republican legislator’s support.

Dumbo’s Delusion II, Obama has blind faith in failed economic ideas, Victor Davis Hanson, Pajamas Media [2]:

No, my worries run deeper. Apparently, the president is unaware that after some 2,500 years of both experience with and abstract thought about Western national economies, we know that a free, private sector increases the general wealth of a nation, while a statist redistributive state results in a general impoverishment of the population. At the root of that truth is simple human nature — that people wish to further their own interest more fervently than the more abstract public good (e.g., why the renter does not wash the rental car, or why the public restroom is treated differently from its counterpart at home), and can be encouraged to invent, create, and discover which in turn helps the less fortunate, lucky, healthy, or talented.

All most enough to make a person pine for a president as smart of Jimmy Carter or as reasonable as Lyndon Johnson.

It is three AM for Dana Milbank, or the WaPo talks primary,  Washington Post [3]:

As I sat in the East Room last week watching a forlorn President Obama account for his shellacking [4], I listened with concern as he described the presidency as a “growth process” and suggested that the midterm setback was somehow inevitable.  “You know, this is something that I think every president needs to go through,” he said.

It brought to mind Hillary Clinton’s 3 a.m. phone-call ad [5] from the 2008 campaign, and her withering criticism of Obama [6]: “When there is a crisis . . . there’s no time for speeches or on-the-job training.” I wondered whether Democrats would be in the fix they’re in if they had chosen a different standard-bearer

With polls showing that Dim Won, b/k/a Barack Obama, would even lose to the Dope from Hope, Mike  Huckabee,  the talk of primary challenge will only grow louder, and with fresh  candidates, unlike the recycled Mre. Clinton.

Ode to the Lame Stream Media, Jennifer Rubin, Commentary [7]:

And in all of this, one wonders what the left-leaning intelligentsia has learned. A Harvard Law Review editor, a law professor, a garden-variety leftist, a talker-not-a-doer, and a proponent of American un-exceptionalism is a bust as president.  In short, someone like them is utterly incapable of leading the country, and to rescue himself he will have to shed the very qualities and beliefs they hold dear. You can understand why they’d prefer to label the rest of the country “crazy.”

That is all.