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Breakfast Scramble (Friday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Religion of Peace:

Islambad, Pakistan (CNN [1]) — Two prominent Pakistani Muslim leaders threatened Wednesday to call for nationwide protests if the president pardons a Christian woman sentenced to death for insulting the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

“If the president pardons Asia Bibi, we will raise our voices across the country until he is forced to take his decision back,” nationally known mufti Muneer Ur Rehman said.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but mere words will never hurt me.

Fat Lady of United State to allow the peasants to eat pie, from Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit [2]:

Michelle Obama said it’s fine to eat what you want on Thanksgiving.

“Don’t worry about how much you eat. Just enjoy it,” she said. “This is the time. Have pie.”

I make it a point never to take diet advice from fat slobs, such as Michelle Obama.   Do you?

Alas Poor Tiger, or long time no win, from Steve DiMeglio, USA  Today [3]:

A year removed from running his SUV over a fire hydrant and into a tree, an accident that sparked a deluge of revelations of serial infidelity that shattered his impeccable image and eventually cost him his marriage, millions of dollars in endorsements and his No. 1 world ranking in golf, Woods has a new Twitter [4] account, a new Facebook [5] page, a new swing coach, a new house and a new outlook as he eagerly awaits the new year.

As Woods continues to rebuild his life and swing, he says he wants to reconnect with fans and remains driven to break Jack Nicklaus [6]‘ record of 18 major championships. But can he reclaim his prominence atop the golf world — he hasn’t won in more than a year — and recapture the appeal that made him the gold standard in the world of endorsements?

Woods will never regain is fomer larger than life status.

Janet Napolitano still crazy, after all these years, or dimwit wants to put scanners in bus stops, from Fox News [7]:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano [8] hinted this week that the body scanners and “enhanced” pat-downs that have caused a ruckus at airports across the country could be coming to a train station, port or subway near you.