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Breakfast Scramble (Thursday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Kyle-Anne Shiver, Pajamas Media [1], on Dim Won’s, b/k/a Barack Obama, alleged superior intelligence:

On the intelligence claims, no proof has ever surfaced that any of the Obama brainiac hoopla was anything other than gratuitous accolades granted via affirmative action and white-liberal racial guilt. No transcripts. No professional articles. Nothing. Nada.  From kindergarten through law school, not a single shred of evidence has ever surfaced to show that Barack Obama was ever even a good student, much less the brainy wizard of his advertisers’ imaginations. Since the candidate openly admitted to lots of high-school and college drug use, plenty of hoops-shooting, but nary a blip of organized sports rigor, it’s entirely within the realm of probability that those transcripts have been buried with the same malevolent intent as tobacco companies who deep-sixed their own negative research.

Micheal Gerson, Washington Post: [2]

Obama clearly believes that his brand of politics represents “facts and science and argument.” His opponents, in disturbing contrast, are using the more fearful, primitive portion of their brains. Obama views himself as the neocortical leader — the defender, not just of the stimulus package and health-care reform but also of cognitive reasoning. His critics rely on their lizard brains — the location of reptilian ritual and aggression. Some, presumably Democrats, rise above their evolutionary hard-wiring in times of social stress; others, sadly, do not.

Though there is plenty of competition, these are some of the most arrogant words ever uttered by an American president.

Charles Krauthammer, video:

Milton Friedman, video:

Hat tip: Nice Deb [3].

The range of human knowledge is seemingly infinite.   Whereas the capacity of the human brain is rather finite.   Thus is the smart man who realizes, and accepts, the limits of his knowledge.  Do truly smart man like the late Milton Friedman will freely admit to being unable to make a mere pencil   Whereas a moron like Barack Obama thinks the can create “good jobs with benefits” and slow the raise of the ocean by simply raising his healing palms.