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Yes we can becomes No we can not, from Trevor Kavanagh, Sun(UK):

Mr Obama may have inherited the crisis from George W Bush, but voters are focusing on his failure to deliver. The President seems impotent as storms rage around his head. Worse, he appears to have no idea what to do next. Key economic advisers are quitting mid-term and leaking damaging gossip about “The Chief”.

And Mr Obama is notoriously impatient, slapping a time limit on all discussion.

“If there is no agreement in 45 minutes, no matter how important the issue may be, he simply stands up and walks out,” says one aide.

What was this about Dumbo’s b/k/a B arack Obama,  world class temperment?

Green dreams, from Rich Moran, American Thinker:

There is something truly pathetic in the administration’s childlike faith in the efficacy of “green” solutions to what ails the American economy, environment, and politics. Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, we will not save our environment by switching willy nilly to alternative energy sources, nor will we create the “millions of green jobs” promised by the administration to offset the loss of employment in the fossil fuel industry.


It’s just not possible, feasible, or was it ever realisticA stubborn refusal to face facts is not very smart. And you don’t need an Ivy League education to figure that out.

But in the face of a cult-like belief on all things green, reason and logic make no progress.

Obama may be indoctrinated, but he is not educated.

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