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Firs, smoke, birth certificate, Obama campaign has spent over a million dollars to hide his birth certificate, or lack thereof, from Clyde Middleton Liberty Pundits:

Federal Election Commission records show $1,352,378.95 in payments were made by Obama for America to Perkins Coie while the law firm was representing Obama in various court cases which have sought to obtain Obama’s long-form birth certificate to determine if he is a “natural born” citizen under Article Two, Section 1 of the Constitution.

I do believe that Barack Obama was born in the United  States.  However even Obamatards do not spend over a million dollars, and counting, to hide records, unless there is something to hide.

Meanwhile back in the igloo, from Kyle Hopkins, Anchorage Daily News:

FAIRBANKS — A judge ruled Saturday that the Fairbanks North Star Borough must release personnel records of U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller.

In an unusual weekend hearing, retired Superior Court Judge Winston Burbank ruled that the public’s right to know about candidates outweighed Miller’s right to privacy.

“I hold that although Mr. Miller has a legitimate expectation of privacy in those documents, Mr. Miller’s right to privacy is indeed outweighed by the public’s significant interest in the background of a public figure who is running for the U.S. Senate,” the judge said. He noted that U.S. senator is among the highest elected offices in the nation.

Burbank ordered that nothing actually will be released until Tuesday afternoon, however, to allow for the ruling to be appealed to the

To which Professor William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection, responds:

So This Means We Get To See Obama’s College And Law School Records, Right?

Somehow, I suspect the answer will be no.  What say you?

Thanks for nothing Dumbo, from Frank Rich, New York Slimes:

PRESIDENT Obama, the Rodney Dangerfield of 2010, gets no respect for averting another Great Depression, for saving 3.3 million jobs with stimulus spending, or for salvaging GM and Chrysler from the junkyard. And none of these good deeds, no matter how substantial, will go unpunished if the projected Democratic bloodbath materializes on Election Day. Some are even going unremembered. For Obama, the ultimate indignity is the Times/CBS News poll in September showing that only 8 percent of Americans know that he gave 95 percent of American taxpayers a tax cut.

Sarah Palin on Dumbo, from Kevin Bogardus,  Hill:

“Well, Mr. President, you have got it right on one point there. We are afraid knowing that your economic policies are driving us off a cliff and knowing that your fundamental transformation of America is turning into a nightmare.”

Rich argues that Americans should be grateful to Dumbo for supposed jobs that nobody outside of the Beltway can find.  In contrast, Palin argues that Americans can see what Dumb, and the democrats, have done to the economy, healthcare costs, the Gulf  and what they want to do with Cap and Tax.   Do you see Obama supposed saved jobs, or do you see the wreck of an economy?

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