DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Paving with elephant dung, Shelby Steele, Wall Street Journal:

How is it that Barack Obama could step into the presidency with an air of inevitability and then, in less than two years, find himself unwelcome at the campaign rallies of many of his fellow Democrats?

The first answer is well-known: His policymaking has been grandiose, thoughtless and bullying. His health-care bill was ambitious to the point of destructiveness and, finally, so chaotic that today no citizen knows where they stand in relation to it. His financial-reform bill seems little more than a short-sighted scapegoating of Wall Street. In foreign policy he has failed to articulate a role for America in the world. We don’t know why we do what we do in foreign affairs. George W. Bush at least made a valiant stab at an American rationale—democratization—but with Mr. Obama there is nothing.

Dumbo does Daily Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama, did the Daily Show, and Dana Milbanks was none too impressed, from Washington Post:

On Comedy Central, the joke was on President Obama Wednesday night.

Kyle-Anne’s words of Joy, American Tbinker:

Ms. Behar needs a muzzle. She also needs the confessional. And a little soap in her mouth wouldn’t hurt, either

Sonya Sotomayer: The not so wise Latina, from Ariane de Vogue reports, ABC News:

In May of 2009, just after Justice David Souter announced his plan to retire from the bench, constitutional law professor Larry Tribe– who is considered a liberal legal icon– advised President Obama NOT to nominate Sonia Sotomayor to the bench.

In a letter, first reported by Ed Whelan of the conservative National Review, Tribe told the president, “Bluntly put she’s not nearly as smart as she seems to think she is.”

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