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As Goes NY, So the Nation

Unfortunately, watching the gubernatorial race here in New York, is I think indicative of what’s going to be happening in the whole of the country.

As of this writing Cuomo is something like twenty points ahead in the polls.  Of course, the polling data seems to focus on New York City , who could run Mickey Mouse under the Jackass banner, and lead in the polls.  Fact is they often do run candidates comparable to Mickey Mouse.   But really, now…Does anybody truly think that the son of one of the men largely responsible for the appalling economic conditions here in New York, (Yes, Mario Cuomo)  and someone who clearly thinks that the only problem with Mario Cuomo was that he didn’t go far enough in as liberalism, is going to turn this state around?  Obviously, the liberals do.  But you’ll never hear them say that.  What you’ll hear them doing is going negative on Carl Paladino .

There  is no question.. Carl Paladino is rough around the edges.  but the fact is that people like Andrew Cuomo (to say little or  nothing of his father before him ) are directly responsible for this state losing more jobs than any other with the tax and spend policies that the liberals have become justly linked with nationwide.  What we have is the establishment trying to protect itself. We also, alas, have a number of big government Democrats… (as if there’s another kind) … And a large number of supposedly independent voters who are willing to be the tools of that establishment.

All of this, as I say, seems to me a token of what we’re going to see nationwide.  I’m not referring specifically to this next election, though certainly my comment includes that.

The question for the next election is whether or not the numbers of voters willing to be tools of the liberal -socialist establishment will be large enough to maintain the status quo .  I tend to think they will not.  At least, on a nationwide basis.  Alas, however, that the pattern here in New York State, and in the country as a whole has already been well set. I am not inclined to believe that the hard lessons have really been learned.  If they were, Cuomo wouldn’t be leading by twenty points, for example… And people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would be pilloried.

Even assuming a victory of real conservatism in this next election, has the lesson really been learned?  I wish I could answer in the affirmative with any degree of surety.

Addendum: (DavidL)

Hell no to a fourth term for Mario.