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Consider this closely, now;  The Democrats have had an overwhelming majority in both houses of Congress, and had the White House as well.  Yet, they claim that one of the reasons for their slow “progress” to the left has been Republican stonewalling?  Oh, please.  The reality there is one of two situations, or more probably both:

  1. The absolute incompetence of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi was fully exposed once they were given absolute power.
  2. The policies that they have been pursuing from the hard left for so long to our proven to have not worked .  In fact, such policies are so bad that they have not been able to garner the support among their fellow Democrats to get them passed.

In either case , the attempts to pass the blame to anyone and everyone but the hard left, are laughable at best, and in truth, outright lies.

What of the legislation and other governmental action that the democrats did manage to cram through?  They’ve managed to settle our children with record levels of debt.  In the doing they’ve managed to create policies which are on arguably killing jobs.  (I think I should be right in pointing out what “green” initiatives have been put into play for example …). With the stroke of a pen the Democrats managed to kill off our medical system, which heretofore was the envy of the world.  The Democrats have essentially nationalized many different industries, the benefits of which are far from obvious.  Then, there’s the Jimmy Carter -esque reliance on a command economy, where the white house gets to direct who wins and who loses in the world of business.  (Apparently, one of the major factors there is where said businesses spend their money on elections.)

I caught some negative feedback for those comments.

I will issue a challenge, however, that is going to rattle some rafters.

I challenge the supporters of the Democrats, and particularly Obama to describe to us all just what positive things have been accomplished by this lurch to the left.

Use the comment section on this post. I await what will doubtless be a resounding silence.

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3 Responses to “A Challange to the Lefties: What has Obama And the Dem Congress Accomplished?”

  1. Um, they managed to set off a tidal wave election in favor of conservatives?

  2. Um, they managed to set off a tidal wave election in favor of conservatives?

    I am not sure how much of the tidal wave is pro-conservatism and how much is just plain anti arrogant incompetence. The Obama gang could not find North if they had a compass.


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