You’ve nailed this one.

I am going to die laughing at one of the most spectacular dumbells of my time on this planet. Andrew Sullivan, you are just darling, you adorable little fireball, you. You’re “radicalized”!

Is that what it is, Andy, when you finally come to the bankruptcy of your under-writing those two blank checks called “Hope” and “Change”? Hmm? You get to be a “radical” just because the fink of your heart’s desire is now clear to you?

Well, look… It is what it always has been, Billy.  The only difference now is he’s begun to recognize the consequences of it all.  Granted that he still trying to dodge them , and thereby this new “radicalization” twist.  But it’s still the same nonsense.  Let’s examine the word radical for just a moment.


of or going to the root or origin; fundamental: a radical difference.
So when he says he’s “radical” he suggesting that he has roots of some kind, that he has some kind of fundamental in mind.  Some kind of basic value structure in mind.  But what are his roots?  What are his fundamentals?  Even he’s unwilling to address that with any honesty.  If we look at his writings, we can see no pattern that would suggest any kind of fundamental whatsoever.
Certainly, freedom and responsibility don’t enter into whatever he claims as fundamentals.  Never have.
I wrote years ago that when it comes down to is which style of government is going to enforce his chosen “lifestyle” on the rest of it.  Nothing else mattered to him then.   As you say, today he’s finally coming to the realization of how vacuous the people he got behind were.  how, well, rootless.  We will be better served I suspect, when he learns he is more vacuous than they.  To paraphrase an old movie line who is the bigger fool? The fool?  Or the fool that follows him?

I would add a side comment to this, the even bigger fool is Charles Johnson who followed the lead of  Saint Andrew the Incontinent.  Ponder the ramifications of that for a moment.

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