Some accumulated notes

  • The more I drive the more I’m firmly convinced most people shouldn’t.
  • The first point includes, I’m afraid, the police.  I have observed on several occasions now, a cop winding up their full sized car to 30  and 40 mph over the limit. Sometimes, they’re actually in pursuit of someone driving 10mph over the limit… a speed most people drive at anyway. Can someone explain to me who it is these morons are protecting us from?
  • Data plans (mobile internet) are great so long as you have coverage and you aren’t actually mobile. Therein lies an explanation to those watching this place closely.
  • Noted in Buffalo: The Amigone funeral home. Also noted in Suburban Kenmore: Bury and Roberts funeral home. I spent 30 years thinking… mostly from some sour personal experience surrounding the place… that the people there were a humorless lot. On the other hand, any group of people who can consistently re-elect slime like Chuckles Schumer must have some kind of humor about them. Or at least, they’re funny.
  • Driving for a living gives you lots of time to think and to formulate ideas, but very little in the ways of capturing such thought. If I could do that I suppose and expect this blog would write itself. The aforementioned connectivity issues don’t help much either.
  • When you’re out here, you hear things.  There is a lot more anger against Obama and his administration than there ever was at Bill Clinton, bad as he was. The discussions you hear in truck stops, businesses and on the CB while on the road all tend to bear this out.  Certainly,  I will grant that truck drivers as a rule are an independent type of persona and so will lean that way anyway. But one must assume that the reason for this added anger is that Obama is Clinton on steroids, both in terms of his liberalism and his corruption.
  • Are liberalism and corruption the same thing? I think and argument can be made for that and some weekend I’m going to explore that with an article.  For now, it strikes me that liberalism by its nature, demands the corruption of the original purposes of government… purposes I have explored here many times.
  • The numbers of people who like myself are driving truck instead of doing the job they’d been trained for and doing for decades,  most of them making the transition following the most recent election is flat out amazing….  People who are forced to work for far less just to keep their heads above water… and some of them still aren’t making it. And some that are now making it  are going to find themselves out of work when the new CSA 2010 comes into effect. I suppose the fact that Obama policies have led to the demise of their former professions is cause for a lot of the anger I’m hearing.
  • The old trucking hands are for the most part a pure joy to encounter. When I explain I’m still pretty green they’re always willing to help,and to make you feel one of the group. In my travels I’ve met quite a few. A few of them remind me of my uncle who drove for many many years, and didn’t pull the pin till he was well into his 70’s. With the changes in the industry and the effects of time on us all, I fear that the old hands are a dying breed. When they’re gone, we will have lost something very special.

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