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Obama Knew Oil Moratorium Was a Job Killer And Didn’t Care

Bruce McQuain beats me to the punch this morning: [1]


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the biggest liar of them all?

In the middle of a recession, with joblessness hovering around the 10% mark, the Obama administration made a deliberate decision to impose a drilling moratorium knowing it would cost at least 23,000 jobs [3]. Why?

Senior Obama administration officials concluded the federal moratorium on deepwater oil drilling would cost roughly 23,000 jobs, but went ahead with the ban because they didn’t trust the industry’s safety equipment and the government’s own inspection process, according to previously undisclosed documents.


Bruce McQuain

Never mind the fact that an event like this had never happened before in deep water.   Never mind there were hundreds of deepwater wells functioning properly and well.  Never mind that those jobs were well paying jobs  and that through their elimination would cause ripple-effect unemployment down the supply chain.

Instead, deliberately trash the lives of 23,000 workers – and their families – because of unfounded fears.

Yeah, that’s leadership, isn’t it?

Look, let’s face it Bruce….

[5]The cause of shutting down oil companies has been a priority of the left for some years.  This merely provided a convenient excuse.  These events show the priorities of the left and how screwy they are.   Was there ever any doubt that this uber-liberal administration considers following their own political dictates to be of larger concern than joblessness?   And let’s face it; the reason that we’re hearing so much about this spill is because of the administration’s desire to use it to shut down as many oil delivery systems as possible.  Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know the kind of economic impact that will have?  I tend to doubt it.

Does anyone think that these moves will not have a negative impact on the democrats and their reelection chances both in this off year election and when the Dim Won tries to run for a second term?