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  • GOP Disappointed In Schwarzenegger? Sure and there’s a damned good reason for it. What we have here, is the realization that star power doesn’t make up for a lack of conservatism.  Perhaps more correctly, it should be said that the republican party thought itself best served by centrists.  Schwarzenegger is perhaps the best example of how untrue that line of non thought is.
  • CAPTAIN! ICEBERG AHEAD! All around, there are Democrats telling us their prospects for November are looking up. Things aren’t as bad as Republicans say! Health care is becoming more popular! The country wants financial reform! People still like Barack Obama! Isn’t Joe Barton awful!. They’re fooling themselves, says Byron York.
  • BIG GOVERNMENT DYING? I doubt it.   Mark Tapscott says the other day…

    “We see this week a remarkable confluence of events signaling the eventual end of Big Government: The bureaucrats and politicians can spend trillions but they can’t plug the Gulf oil spill, agree on a budget in Congress or end the Great Recession’s foreclosures and unemployment.”

    I’m not sure I agree.  After all, one of the worst things that you can do to a big government Liberal is actually solve the problem he proposes to solve by his increases in governmental dependency. The excuse will be pushed that we simply didn’t give enough power to government to solve the problem.  And I still insist this lack of response to the problem is the left trying to push it’s anti-oil polices by creating a worst example…. never let a good crisis go to waste, remember. Bruce gets into it a bit from the angle of “Is Keynesianism finally dead?” To which I offer the same answer since the latter is rooted in the former, in the end. And by the way… as to the gulf oil thing, let’s recall, it was the government… specifically, the Obama Administration, which forced BP to use flawed models in assessing it’s risks there.

  • REMEMBER THE ARGUMENT ABOUT WELFARE? Why are welfare entitlements exploding under Democrats? Wellllll.. maybe because they’re… well… Democrats?
  • FEE FIE FOH FRUM: Attention David Frum; You’re still an idiot. the core of your dodge of John Hawkins and his charges only works for you because you’re still stupid enough to think that John Mc Cain and George W Bush (for example) are conservatives. Hawkins is correct; you simply don’t measure up.

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