More than 65,000,000 business professionals already use LinkedIn as a powerful platform to stay connected to the business community and to advance their business and their career. This in-depth presentation is designed for those professionals who want to learn more about online networking, personal reputation management and social media marketing using LinkedIn.

Participants will learn how to:
– Research clients and competition to generate business
– Build your personal and professional brand
– Share expertise, increase innovation and promote events through LinkedIn Groups
– Access the voice of your customer through LinkedIn Polls & Blogs
– Connect with regional and national leaders
– Reconnect with long lost friends, colleagues and classmates
– Find employees
– Get free business advice from other professionals
– Build your personal and professional brand
– Advocate for issues
– Promote events
– Find a job

I am an avid LinkedIn user with more than 2,590 first degree connections and over 360,000 second degree connections. I am successfully using LinkedIn every day to improve my bottom line. I’ll show you how at this interactive seminar!

I have done this seminar many times to excellent reviews.  You can see some of the testimonials here:

I promise you will leave this seminar with a much better understanding of how LinkedIn works, and more importantly, how LinkedIn can work for you!

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