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Breakfast Scramble (Monday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
The state of the Obami, By Victor Davis Hansen, Pajamas Media [1]:

Let me review the progress of the last two years, because the national mood reminds me of the free speech area at any California university where groups segregate by race while their professors celebrate “diversity.”

We had a green czar who claimed that whites pollute the ghetto and are more likely to be mass murderers. Our attorney general called the nation one of “cowards” for not holding racial conversations on his terms. He has no interest in trying Black Panthers who disrupted voting, but a great deal in trying the architect of 9/11 in a civilian courtroom, replete with Miranda rights, in Manhattan a few hundred yards from Ground Zero.

Obama administration versus democracy, from the Associated Press [2]:

WASHINGTON — A senior adviser to President Barack Obama says the Democratic nominee for the Senate in South Carolina doesn’t appear to be a legitimate candidate.

South Carolina Democrats chose a political unknown, 32-year-old Alvin Greene, to run against Republican Sen. Jim DeMint this fall.

Greene is an unemployed military veteran who hardly campaigned for the office, and his victory last Tuesday has raised questions about who backed his candidacy.

And it turns out that he’s facing a felony charge.

Obama adviser David Axelrod says South Carolina Democrats deserve a strong, credible candidate. He says it’s a big mystery how Greene won.

Axelrod appeared Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Hat tip:   Steve Gilbert, Sweetness & Ligh [3]t.

Don’t look to me to explain Alvin  Greene’s win.   However, until shown otherwise, I will assume the results of the election in the sovereign state of South Carolina to be legitimate.

If the losers of the election, wish challenge the results, such is their right.   Absent an challenge to the election which is upheld by the state,  it is not for me to presume the results of the South Carolina election not to be legitimate.

As for Mr. Axelrod, if  he has evidence of election fraud, he should present it.   Otherwise, he should shut up.

Now it seems apparent that Mr.  Greene’s elevator does not run all the way to the top, video:

Hat tip: Jammie Wearing Fool [4].

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