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Dumbo turns United Stats into banana republic, from Steve McCann, American Thinker:

The Obama administration has just made certain that there will be minimal foreign or even domestic investment in the United States.   Their shakedown and blackmail of BP has major corporate investors looking elsewhere for expansion and exploration.   No company answerable to their shareholders or investors will risk capital in a country which has brutally abandoned the rule of law.

My company is headquartered in Switzerland and in recent conversations with business executives and clients overseas, they have told me that this and many of this governments actions has completely chilled their enthusiasm to invest in the United States.

Want to attract and inspire investment, build a reputation as country that respects and honors the Rule of Law.    Add economics, history and the Constitution as classes Obama never attended.

Enough about that Nobel Prize, Eugene Robinson, Washington Post:

Less than a minute into President Obama’s Oval Office address, my heart sank. For the umpteenth time since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill began, an anxious nation was informed that Energy Secretary Steven Chu has a Nobel Prize. Obama’s speech pretty much went down hill from there.


We can all applaud Chu’s accomplishment. But here’s the thing: Chu is a physicist, not an engineer or a biologist. His Nobel was awarded for the work he did in trapping individual atoms with lasers. He’s absurdly smart. But there’s nothing in his background to suggest he knows any more about capping an out-of-control deep-sea well, or containing a gargantuan oil spill, than, say, columnist Paul Krugman, who won the Nobel in economics. Or novelist Toni Morrison, who won the Nobel in literature.

With Chu’s Nobel, and  dollar twenty-five, you and get a cup of coffee.

Done thatFox News:

A man died after being stung more than 500 times by honeybees Wednesday as he cleared brush in Encinitas, California, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

The bees attacked after the 55-year-old’s backhoe struck their nest, which was on the ground at the man’s rural property.

I’ve cleared  brush, riled a few bees in my time, and been stung a bit.    Just not five hundred times.

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