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Question of the Day,
from the Sharp Tack, Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:

We shall see if Jew-hatred is acceptable behavior in the eyes of Hearst and the WH press corps, and Thomas is still allowed her place of honor tomorrow.

Even Howard Cosell or Jimmy  Synder never publicly suggested that blacks should go back to Africa.

If at first you don’t succeed, tie, tie, tie, tie again, Michelle.

Bloggers assail Dean of White House Press Corp. The long line of bloggers, here, here and here,  willing to figuratively kick Helen Thomas is disgraceful Ms Thomas, by virtue of her seniority, is the Dean, and indeed the face, of the White House Press Corp.   Tje Press Corp itself can be no more respected than their esteemed leader.

Michael Steele: So much for change you can believe in, video:

Hat tip: Lynn Sweet. Chicago Sun-Times.

Even Old Charlie Rangel losing faith in Dumbo, by Kathleen Lucadamo. Mew York Daily News:

As for Obama’s sinking approval ratings, Rangel said, “We had perhaps higher expectations than we should have.”

Who we Paleface?

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