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Breakfast Scramble

DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleWelcome to the better late than never scrambled Scramble.

It is not the style stupid, Carol E. Lee, Politico [1]:

People who have worked closely with Obama say he doesn’t think like a bureaucrat, is far more interested in changing the way Washington works than in understanding its machinations and isn’t excited by the kind of gears-of-government reforms that interested a previous generation of Democrats, particularly Al Gore [2].

The Gulf crisis [3] has shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of Obama’s unique management style, which relies on a combination of his own intellect, a small circle of trusted advisers and a larger group of outside experts

It is not the style stupid, and stupid is not a style  It it not Obama’s management style, or lack thereof.  It rather that Dumbo is incompetent, at anything besides reading a teleprompter.

Is the Obama administration spinning out of control? From Michael Goedwin, New York Post [4]:

His message is wrong. He’s not showing enough anger. He’s lost control of the narrative. He’s a vic tim of bad luck and big oil.

It’s excuse time in the fudge factory. President Obama [5]is getting lots of cover and advice from his left-leaning media friends. Their ideas run the gamut from public relations to, well, public relations.

Beyond the irony of journalists urging more spin from a politician, the really remarkable fact is that none dare consider the possibility that Obama is simply not up to the job. It is a scary thought, but evidence of consistent failure is overwhelming.

Photo ops won’t fix the spill Mr. President, Jack Kelly, RCP [6]:

“I felt this thrill going up my leg,” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews famously said after hearing Barack Obama speak during the 2008 campaign.

But after the president’s news conference May 27, the thrill was gone.

“He has not acted like (the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico) is more important than something else like a fundraiser in California or an interview about basketball with Marv Albert,” Mr. Matthews said.  “He doesn’t seem to be taking ownership.”

Leaders are not paralyzed by their fears.   All sane people have their fears.  Only the weak, like Obama, are  paralyzed by them.