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  • THERE IS A COST To be paid for the disorganized and totally ineffectual way the White House has been dealing with Iran.
  • IF IT’S LIMITED SPEECH, HOW IS IT FREE? Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air looks at the attempts to limit free speech by Congress.  Initially, he labels the attempt sloppy.  Trouble is, I don’t think it’s sloppy it all.  I think you use intended to do precisely what it will do; protect leftists in power.  Says Ed:

    This isn’t about “good government” or clean elections.  It’s an attempt by Congress to step around the First Amendment and regulate political speech that threatens incumbents, just as McCain-Feingold attempted

    Precisely.  And that is one major reason why John McCain is not present at the moment.  I understand full well that with writes comes responsibility.  Unfortunately, an irresponsible body such as our Federal government is totally incapable and totally unsuited for enforcing responsibility.  Past that, it’s going to come down to precisely what Ed says.  As is intended.

  • PUSHBACK AND IT’S MEASURE: The Pennsylvania twelve district, (that’s the one that was held by all around slime ball Jack Murtha ) had some interesting results in the special election held last evening.  Frankly, after all the corruption that Murtha brought to the table, and still getting reelected time after time, anybody even remotely honest had no chance whatsoever in that district.  And yes I mean precisely that.  That said, that it came as close as it did strikes me as interesting going forward.  There’s no doubt that the GOP has mishandled both this race and New York 23.  That’s particularly true given the similarity of outcome.  I suggest here that the real message is that the GOP leadership still doesn’t get the message.  Let’s face it.  If the candidate being offered is approved of by the GOP leadership, they’re still going to be a proponent of big government.  There is no better indication of that, then the huge defeat for senator Arlen Specter also of Pennsylvania.  You may remember that Specter is someone the GOP leadership approved of.  Ponder the implications of that for a moment.  Even the New York Times sees this.
  • IMMIGRATION:If you want another sign of the times, ponder why the Mexican president would be preaching against the immigration laws currently enacted in Arizona . (we will say nothing for the moment about how the law in question in Arizona is actually already on the books at the Federal level.  ) Further, consider why he would be doing so from the White House lawn.  Clearly, he considers it to his country’s advantage for illegals to be here in the United States.  Just as clearly, it is in the interests of Democrats to get as many illegals in the country as possible, and voting.

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