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  • YEP, IT’S OBAMA’S KATRINA, ALL RIGHT: Not that there was EVER any doubt at all. We now have a month between now and the time this mess got started. And the Obama White House has yet to acknowledge that it had a hand in the creation of the problem…. or, for that matter, why.

    It should strike us as curious then that there has never been, as far as I can tell, an international movement focused on the tenets of individual liberty.

    That’s Nick Rizzuto making an observation few will dare to make. He also observes that one major reason is that folks who advocate liberty tend to be rather staunch individualists. And that’s certainly true. there’s something deeper here…. an inherent incompatibility between liberty, and any large institution, particularly a governmental one. And therein, dear reader there hides a clue.

  • ISRAEL TO CHOMSKY: STAY AWAY Were that more countries would take such a stand.
  • ASTROTURF INDEED: Or maybe as the article suggests this is outright political fraud.  Either way, the democrats are being understandably silent about all of this.  If you understand anything about this, please understand this; this is how the Chicago machine always worked.  This is the Chicago machine, writ large.
  • QUESTIONS FOR KAGEN: Tapscott has some questions for Kagen…

    “With virtually no paper trail of court decisions by which to evaluate her suitability for the nation’s highest court, the usual reservation about a nominee avoiding public commitments on particular issues before confirmation should not apply in Kagan’s case.”

    While true that she has almost nothing for a paper trail, what we have discovered so far seems to suggest that there is nothing in her history that was of of the extreme leftist attitude exuded by this White House. Consider it this way; the idea that she would not be of the extreme left , given that which appointed her to the position doesn’t even pass the laugh test. Word on the street is that she won’t be filibustered.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  The bottom line here, however, is that the woman brings nothing in terms of intellectual mettle to the table, or to the Supreme Court.  And by the way, she may already be damaged goods in any event.  Apparently her service as solicitor general means that she’ll be expected to recuse herself from many of the cases surrounding the Obama agenda. I wonder if the White House even considered that point. Given the level of incompetency I see on everything else with these people these days, I tend to think they have not.

  • LIBERALISM ANTI-WASP: I have said for years that liberalism in the current sense here in America is the last act of a dying culture.  Jules Crittenden seems to be operating on the same page.
  • A MINDSET: There’s a lot of anger at the government, just now.  But I don’t think that anger is limited to government.  The rather, I think it is reserved for those who consider themselves to be our keepers, are defenders, and our betters.  And this would seem to include the “environmental scientists” who have been so roundly disproven . Make no mistake about this, there is a connection between the two ….. our current government in Washington, and the environmental whack-job…. it has to do with a certain superiority complex.  A mindset.  Or perhaps a mindless set.

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