DavidL's Breakfast Scramble Sarah’s Clan of the Momma Grizzlies, by  Meghan Daum, Los Angeles Times:

After struggling with its definition and connotations, Sarah Palin has apparently made peace with the “F-word.” She freely used it in a May 14 speech for the Susan B. Anthony List, a PAC for antiabortion female congressional candidates. And given Palin’s extraordinary influence in certain circles, you can bet untold numbers of women who might once have never considered it will now be dropping the F-bomb with alacrity.  The word in question, of course, is “feminist.” It may be the most polarizing label on the sociopolitical stage (it makes “environmentalist” or even “gay-rights advocate” seem downright banal), but Palin seems to have stopped dancing around it and finally claimed it as her partner. Granted, this is a conditional relationship; there’s a qualifier here as big as Alaska. She’s talking not about your mom’s or Gloria Steinem’s feminism but, as she put it, an “emerging, conservative, feminist identity.”

I am not about to call Mrs. Palin’s new Clan of the Momma Grizzly as the next political wave, but the upside is enormous.   There are two distinct versions of feminism.  The older historic version, which Christian Hoff Sommers cals Equity Feminism, and the newer,herd edged bitter version Sommers coins Gender Feminism.    Equity Feminists want women to walk as equals with men.   Gender feminists want stand over men’s dead bodies.  The problem with Gender Feminism is that is unworkable, unpopular and undesirable.   Few outside the maim stream media support it.  Yet for strange reasons, gender feminists claim but one version of feminism, to wit theirs and they they deem themselves to speak all women.  Imagine if you will any man claiming to speak for all men.  The problem with Gender Feminism is that is political poison.  It writes off an entire forty-seven percent of the population, ill serves much the fifty-three percent and offends most of them.    The political danger Mrs. Palin’s  Clan of the Momma Grizzlies poses to the left is the she threatens to give voice to concerns that the left does not address and tries to ignore.   How will gender feminist be able to the the voice of all women when so many women are shouting down their message.  Speaking as a male chauvinist pig, I can not respect any women who will not strand up for her children.  Can you?   I reject the notion that the defining value of feminism has to be the willing to slaughter unborn babies. 

Anti incumbent hell It is  anti Obama I.  The public having smelled and having stepped in Dumbo’s socialist shat, don’t like it.  From Fred Barnes, Wall Street Journal:

The hordes are not massing at the gates of Washington—not yet. They won’t arrive until after the midterm congressional election in November. Most are likely to be Republicans, a good number of them old Washington hands. Yesterday’s primary elections, including the impressive victories of Republican Rand Paul in Kentucky and Democrat Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania, didn’t change that.  The idea that anti-incumbent fever, striking equally at Democrats and Republicans, is the defining feature of the 2010 election is as misguided as last year’s notion that President Obama’s oratory would tilt the nation in favor of his ambitious agenda. Yet the media, echoing the Obama White House, has adopted anti-incumbency as the all-purpose explanation of this year’s political developments.

Anti incumbent hell It is  anti Obama II, Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal:

The wave that started last year is continuing to gain velocity, size and force. This week’s elections confirmed what the evidence has shown since last summer: Mr. Obama’s agenda is a political killer and his endorsement is of little help. If there is a big takeaway from what happened on Tuesday, that is it.

WTF, over!  Are the Obami sane? Obamatard, Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan wants to reach out to his so-called moderate elements of Hezbolllah.   Pray tell just the heck is a moderate terrorist anyhow.   From Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

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