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Breakfast Scramble

DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleFor whom the bill tolls, Megan McArdle,  Atlantic [1]:

The Health Care Reform Already Costs More Than We Thought It Would

There’s been a spate of bad news recently about the health care bill.

Henry Waxman canceled his War on Accounting [2], not because there was a sudden breakout of common sense on Capitol Hill, but because his committee’s investigation revealed that companies had begun exploring whether they should drop their health insurance plans entirel [3]y–a move that would cost over $100 billion thanks to the huge new subsidies the government would have to dole out.

Who we paleface?   The bill was only going to bend the cost curve down if  renown liars like Dim Won, Dirty Harry Reid, Mrs Pelosi and Henry Waxman had actually read their bill and were telling the truth about it.

Freddy to tackle Louise, Fred Smerlas to challenge Louise Slaughter, (NY-28), from WHEC: [4]

Former Buffalo Bills Nose Tackle Fred Smerlas was nominated tonight by the Monroe County Republican party [5] to run against Congresswoman Louise Slaughter for the 28th district.

The 28th may be Eric’s district.  Slaughter has withstood repeated GOP challenges, but after the Stimulus, Obama Care and Cap & Tax, her time should be expired.

As for Smerlas, he not yet a New York State resident.   Then we like to elect carpet baggers anyhow, think Robert Kennedy and Mrs. Clinton.  However Smerlas does weekly sports talk show and sounds politically well informed.   The 28th is gerrymandered districk mostly in Buffalo and Rochester connected by long thin strip.   Smerlas is legend in Buffalo and an radio personality in Rochester.  He will not suffer from lack of name recognition.

Know thy enemy, Eric Holder flunks Homeland Security 101, video:


Hat tip: Michelle [6].

Eric Holder seems to gag on the phrase “radical Islam.”   Yet the Obami have no trouble saying “teabagger.”   Janet Napolitano had no problem pinning the blame for the Times Square Incident on conservative right wingers.    The Obami are so willing to pounce on and identify their perceived political enemies.   Yet them seem allergic to identifying groups which poses a threat to our nation’s national security.   It is as if the Obami are only worried about their political opponents and not our nation’s enemies.

Da Clinical Professor’s ticket, “Palin-Christie 2012 [7].”     For the record, Chris Christie would be the fat one.  However, I might prefer to see the order reversed.

I got LOSP [8]in Greece.