DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
How’s that “reset” button working for ya, Mrs. Clinton? From Luke Harding, Guardian(UK):

Vladimir Putin has snubbed both the Prince of Wales and the US vice-president, Joe Biden, by refusing to allow them to attend a parade in Red Square marking the 65th anniversary of the end of the second world war, the Guardian has learned

And Mrs. Clinton, when you going to delivery on your promise of “smart” diplomacy?

Denial is not a strategy, New Gingrich, video:

Hat tip: Donald Douglas, American Power.

Boobs you can use, from Eliza Lajoie, Cornell Daily Sun:

Prof. Michael Lynn, marketing and tourism, surveyed 374 waitresses about their perceived “sexiness,” breast size and other physical characteristics and correlated these results with the amount of tips the waitresses received.

His results indicate that evolutionary instinct trumps the ideals many patrons profess. Though most customers say they reward service, Lynn reports that quality of service has less than a 2-percent effect on the actual tip.

I will not argue the results of the study, to wit a positive correlation between breast size and amount of tips.   While I for from an expert on breataraunds, ala Hooters, I have spent considerable time in Greek restaurants, a/k/a the American style diner.  I suspect that a restaurant owner who hired by breast size would soon go broke.   Failure is the norm in the restaurant business.

While sexual attractiveness is certainly a factor for a server, more important is the ability to multitask,  and to keep keep your wits and humor in stressful situations.  I contend that you tell if person is cut out to be server after one shift.   Some people can juggle many individually simple task,    While other can not.   Waitressing  is not rocket science, but is good career for those who can do it well.

Hat tip:  William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection.

Boobs you can’t use.

Hat tip:  R.S. McCain.

Ramble back,  Eric Rambled:

As the parent of autistic kids, I think I’ve earned the right to ask what the blink IS causing it, then?

As  free Americans,. we all have rights to ask questions.    As children of God we can seek answers.   However God has no obligation to provide them.

Ask a renowned skeptic,  I have long felt that trial lawyers make lousy scientists.    I have argued gun control long enough to know that correlation is not causation.   Easy answers, like mercury in vaccines might be good for convincing juries, but they do not necessarily lead to the truth.  Then trial lawyers don’t want to cure autism, or find its cause, they want their contingency fees.

God and Man. It important to know that God does and what Man does.   These moron, well Obamatards have clearly conflated God and Man, video:

While health may be a gift from God, health care is a commodity provided by human endeavor.   There can be no right to health care.  For in order for health care to be given to one person, it first must be taken away from another.   God does not create health care, men do, and in a free country free men provide their services only of their free will.    These Obamatards may pray to Obama as if he were their god.   However Obama is but a mere mortal.   He only has power to take health care away, but not to create health care where none exists.

Hat tip:  Andrew Thomas,  American Thinker.

Sex Change stupidity, this this time from the Brits, Daily Mail (UK):

Cher’s offspring Chaz Bono is officially a man after he changed his name and gender in court yesterday.

Bono, who was born a girl named Chastity, is now legally recognised as a male, a year after undergoing a sex change.

The 41-year-old, whose father was the late singer and politician Sonny Bono, beamed with happiness as he left Santa Monica courthouse.

Memo to our friends across the pond, Chaz changed her name.  She did not change her sex.  Sex is immutable.   Chaz was born a female and she will die a female.  That just the way it is.

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