DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleSchooling the Professor, Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit:

THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER is pushing an Obama cheating scandal story. Bah.  When was the last time they got one of these things right?

Granted the Enquirer has developed a knack for finding titillating stories the MSM would just rather ignore, but it is simply not a scandal for a democrat to have a sexual affair.  Nobody expects democrats to be faithful.  I mean it not like Mrs. Obama married a republican or anything like that.

Then maybe Barry just isn’t that all into women? From Hillbuzz:

We never believed Obama had an affair with a woman, because Obama does not appear to like women.

As American Standard recently wondered, there are no former girlfriends, either on the scene or noted in any of the books William Ayers or Jon Favreau wrote for Obama.  No high school girlfriends.  No college sweethearts.  But, there sure are plenty of men he’s spent an odd amount of time with

In Obamaville,  debate is one way street, from Hot Air Pundit:

Obama: But it troubles me when I hear people say that all of government is inherently bad,” said Obama, who received an honorary doctor of laws degree. “For when our government is spoken of as some menacing, threatening foreign entity, it conveniently ignores the fact in our democracy, government is us.”

The financial meltdown dramatically showed the dangers of too little government, he said, “when a lack of accountability on Wall Street nearly led to the collapse of our entire economy.”

Yet Barack Obama, from Byron York, Washington Examiner:

“You can imagine, if you are a Hispanic American in Arizona…suddenly, if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed.”

Did Dim Won forget our Forty-Eighth state.   If anti-government rhetoric is bad, then it bad to criticized the government of  the sovereign state of Arizona.    You would think a professor of constitutional would know that.

Arizona curbs ethnic studies, Clarice Feldman, Press Democrat:

Arizona is at the forefront again. This time, it’s banning ethnic studies at state-funded institutions. These studies are a preposterous waste of money and students’ time, preparing them to Balkanize the country into islets of never ending grievance and victim mongers.

Good show Arizona.  Good call Clarice.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is the little people’s problem, from Fausta:

Al Gore, Tipper Gore snap up Montecito-area villa
The Italian-style home has an ocean view, fountains, six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.
With nine bathrooms, there’s never any waiting time!

In case you wonder if that baby’s carbon footprint would contribute to making the ocean levels rise and swallow up California, Al will assure you don’t need worry

I neither believe nor respect Algore.  Do you?

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