I know. it’s been a week or so since you’ve heard from me.  It’s shameful the way I’ve let my writing here slide. I plead guilty with this as an excuse… I managed to locate a new job that looks like it’ll keep my head above water. Another driving job, and a fairly local one at that.  ( I’m home about every night.. a unique situation in professional driving)  All this bit with the job came up kinda sudden and it was a great opportunity, so I jumped at it. It’s been keeping me busy close on 14 hours a day which is good because I need the money just now.

My new ride

But, it does keep me pretty well disconnected. Here’s one of the rigs I drive; I’ve not been assigned one full time yet, but thsi one I’d like to keep..  It’s an International 9400 (?) with perhaps a million miles on it.  For all that, it handles very well indeed. The Detroit 60 series 12 liter engine giving it around 450hp and  a rather impressive 1800ft/lbs of torque. That goes to a Fuller Super-10 speed, which I’m more comfortable with than the straight 10- speeds, or anything else for that matter.  It needs some serious cleaning, inside and out, but past that, it shows a lot of promise.

Now that the job is pretty well online, and I’m getting the hang of their system of doing things, and I’m adjusting to the schedule this job imposes, I’ll be able to spend a bit of time getting reconnected. I’m setting up a new phone with a mobile HotSpot, which means I will be able to get a laptop to access the web with. Which in turn means I’m not so disconnected.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to all the folks who have been helping keep this place afloat…. You know who you are.

Special thanks to Dave and Art.

That said, there’s lots to do around here. I’ll be posting a fair amount of stuff this weekend, I promise.

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