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Representative Hank Johnson: Guam to Tip Over

I am saved*.

Memo to the residents of Ltthona and Tucker, Georgia, your congressman is a moron.  Vote him out of officer or suffer the embrassment.   The choice is yours am saved.   Hank Johnson (GA-4) [1] is a moron,  video:

Hat tip: Michelle [2].

For the record, I reject the premises that there any possibility that the island of Guam will simply tip over;  the idea of anthropogenic global warming, that Dim Won’s off-shore oil announcement was anything other than a cynical  attempt to buy Lindsay Graham’s vote for Cap and Tax and that Congressman Johnson’s IQ is much north of room temperature.  What say you?

[*]I had considered such provocative ledes as Al Gore to sell his mansion, go on a diet and join a monastery; Mrs. Clinton to file for divorce and changer he name back to Rodham and finally Barack Obama to become Bari Obama and begin hormone treatments for a sex change.   But Lord I am saved, Johnson has produced a story even dumber than my April Fools day ideas.  Life is good.