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  • STUPAK RETIRES: To the shock of nobody that was actually watching the thing, a retirement announcement today from MI congresscritter  Bart Stupak... I note the story by way of OTB, where I commented this afternoon:

    I said at the time that he backed off of his demands as regards Obamacare, he was simply playing for a better job.  Watch closely  now  for his next move, which will reveal what his price was to sell out his supposedly high morals.

    Of course, there is one other possibility, that being that he is reacting to the Tea Party specifically targeting him.  This is an election year, after all.  The thing is, neither of these possibilities will be covered in the mainstream media.  They will spin it as ‘being time to retire, now that his job as regards health care is completed’.  The context of that spin can be found in smaller quantities on any stable floor, of course, but you watch, that’s exactly what’s going to happen..

  • OBAMA GOES AFTER PALIN: Obama apparently can’t take the heat. Not only does he dislike a strong woman...(Hey, that’s the only reason we went after Hillary Clinton, right?) … but he calls in the troops. The (Completely Barack’s Servant) network? Can you imagine they’d ever run a poll that made Palin look GOOD? And isn’t it interesting how this poll shows up a figurative 15 minutes after the statement from Obama? Tell me the White House didn’t pull a string here. What the Obami are fearful of, though.. and what CBS doesn’t report… is that around 55%… read that… a majority of Americans… agree with Palin in the matter under discussion. It’s an almost cliched response for the Democrats anymore. If you can’t argue the facts make it personal.
  • DEMOCRATS AND UNIONS… ALL SWEETNESS AND LIGHT: Except for the occasional death threat against someone they don’t like. The thing that amazes me, is that anyone is amazed by this anymore.  This kind of thuggery is part and parcel of what they are.  Always has been, always will be.  Why are we treating these people with any degree of respect whatsoever?  It’s not like the lesson hasn’t been taught millions of times, already.  And of course, the largest union in the country, SEIU, the one whose leader has everything but his own White House office, should be taken is no indication of any collusion between the Democrats and the unions.  Criminal enterprises they are, and nothing but.  Both of them.
  • TIGER SHOOTS TWO EAGLES: … and a seagull and a duck. So screams the headlines at OTB WHy is this news? His ability to get it in the hole has never been questioned. Oh.. wait a minute.

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