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Breakfast Scramble

DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleDisgusting, TFD, from Elizabeth Scalia, Anchoress [1],    I have a few suggestions for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to tell Dim Won where he can put his finger.   Suggstion?

Tea Party getting results, Sean Higgins, Investors Business Daily [2]:

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told reporters today that the Tea Party movement is making some members of Congress mull retirement.

“Do I think the negative atmosphere that has been created by the Tea Party and by others certainly goes into the thinking of members? I think it does. I think you have to honestly point out that it does,” he told reporters Tuesday.

I suggest that the Tea Party anger is being fueled by the sheer arrogance and utter incompetence of the Obami, see Taranto below     .   To wit, consider that Steny Hoyer just voted to cut off his own health insurance.  And he thinks he can manage  your health care needs.

Also causing leftard panic, Carol Platt Liebau, Townhall [3]:

Unable to tolerate fellow Americans dissenting peacefully against their government’s policies, the Left has set up a web site — known as “Crash the Tea Party” [4] — encouraging people to pose as Tea Partiers and then “behave in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities . . . to damage the public’s opinion of them.”

Obviously, this trick is right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook [5].

But it also means that ugly  behavior by supposed tea partiers can’t be taken at face value

The Obama Care Monster, James Taranto, Wall Street Journal [6]:

ObamaCare is proving to be even more of a shambles than critics had expected.  Is this because the Democrats who currently run Congress are unusually incompetent? Tempting as it is to say yes, probably not. Put it down, instead, to hubris and haste. In their mad rush to outrun public opinion and impose “universal health care” on their unwilling constituents, Harry Pelosi, Nancy Reid & Co. simply didn’t bother paying attention to the details.

John Paul Stevens, Goodbye and good riddance, Thomas Sowell, RCP [7]:

When Supreme Court Justices retire, there is usually some pious talk about their “service,” especially when it has been a long “service.” But the careers of all too many of these retiring jurists, including currently retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, have been an enormous disservice to this country.

Justice Stevens was on the High Court for 35 years– more’s the pity, or the disgrace. Justice Stevens voted to sustain racial quotas, created “rights” out of thin air for terrorists, and took away American citizens’ rights to their own homes in the infamous “Kelo” decision of 2005.

Did Obama Care throw Congresscritters under the bus? The retards in Congress who voted for Obama Care may have thrown themselves out of their government health care plan, Allah Pundit, Hot Air [8]:

In other words, theoretically the law[Obama Care] kicks them[members of Congress] out of the federal health plan now in order to force them to join insurance exchanges … that don’t exist yet. Looking forward to tomorrow, when we’re inevitably told that they meant to do that. Exit question for lawyers: Who would have standing to sue to force the federal health plan to drop Congress now? Any citizen, or is it more refined than that?

It was stupid for the Obami to vote for a health care bill they had never read, and which they were not given time to read.

Obama Care Hard Sell, video:

Hat tip:  Fausta [9]

Obama Care would be hard to sell even if one knew the actual provisions and was articulate.   Sadly for Dim Won, he is neither.