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Breakfast Scramble

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble

Obama ponders destruction of the State of Israel, David Ignatius, RCP [1]:

WASHINGTON — President Obama is “seriously considering” proposing an American peace plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to two top administration officials.

“Everyone knows the basic outlines of a peace deal,” said one of the senior officials, citing the agreement that was nearly reached at Camp David in 2000 and in subsequent negotiations. He said that an American plan, if launched, would build upon past progress on such issues as borders, the “right of return” for Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem. The second senior official said that “90 percent of the map would look the same” as what has been agreed in previous bargaining.

The Palis will not accept any peace settlement with out the so-called right of return.   No sane Israeli can can accept the the proposition, as it would mean the destruction of the State of Israel.

More, Carl in Jerusalem, Israel Matzav [2]

‘Everyone knows’ but everyone doesn’t know. The ‘Palestinians’ turned down the far-too-generous offer made by Ehud Barak at Camp David. They turned down even more generous offers made by Barak at Taba in January 2001 and by Ehud Olmert in late 2008. Does this mean that Obama is going to offer them even more than what was offered in the past? What is left to be offered other than a ‘right of return’ to all the ‘refugees’ that would vitiate the existence of a Jewish state? Does building upon ‘past progress’ mean that Israel will be pushed for further concessions?

NY Slimes [3] lauds the Death Panels, David Leonhardt:

The federal government is now starting to build the institutions that will try to reduce the soaring growth of health care costs. There will be a group to compare the effectiveness of different treatments, a so-called Medicare innovation center and a Medicare oversight board that can set payment rates.

That is death panels for you, but not for the slime bags who wrote Obama Care.   The turds who gleefully impose this mess on the the public, exempt themselves from the law.

Urban terrorism in Baghdad by the Bay, Michelle [4]:

In San Francisco, the housing entitlement mob is led by an anarchist-Marxist-inspired [5] “social justice” [6] group called “Homes Not Jails” [7] that grew out of the Food Not Bombs [8]/San Francisco Tenants Union alliance.

On Easter Sunday, the property rights-trampling mobsters of “Homes Not Jails” besieged a privately-owned duplex [9] building while police officers stood around watching them illegally trespass. And San Francisco wonders why it’s a dying [10] city

Vigilant justice arises from the absence of a judicial justice system.   Violence will be countered by one means or another.

Ring around the bitch, Arianna Huffington starts a fight on Morning Joe, and loses said fight, video:

Hat tip: Nice Deb [11].

I’d hesitate to call it a slug fest.  Huffington got one shot it, Kerik,  and was pretty much parried.

No Sex for Duke Blue Devils, Joanne Jacobs [12]:

The Duke Blue Devils had better remain chaste. As national champions, they are unable to have consensual sex with other students under Duke’s new “sexual misconduct” policy, warns the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). A person seen as “powerful” — such as a varsity athlete — may “create an unintentional atmosphere of coercion,” the policy states. For the “powerful,” it’s not just that “no” means no and silence means no. “Yes” means no too

Now you know why they are known as the Blue Devils.   If  you are a student athlete playing room, board and tuition, you in position of power.  Whereas if you are the President of the United States, you just keeping abortoin,  “safe, legal and rare.”   Or so I am told.

No brains for Ms O’Donnell.   Rosie O’Donnell proves that she knows almost as much about the Catholic church as she knows about structural steel, from Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit [13]:

[O’Donnell] I’m saying that to support an organization where at the top of the infrastructure, are people willing to ignore the mass child abuse and torture and sexual molestation of its own constituents.

It’s almost like when you read about cults, Jonestown, all these cults [that] allow sexual perversity and sexual behavior.

As percentage of the population, there are more pedophiles in the White House than in the Catholic church.

Ramble Back, Eric rambled [14]:

April will be Confederate History Month in Virginia, and the liberal race-baiting going on in response:

The governor of Virginia called her citizens to serve their state.  They answered the call and at least six  thousand Virginians died in service of their state.   It is only fitting that the office which called these men into service honor their service.   It is called being civilized.