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The Three AM White House

I can’t find it, but during the campaign Mrs. Clinton aaid that both she and John McCain had world of experience and Barack Obama had “nice speech” he gave in Two Thousand Two;.  Then there was Mrs. Ciinton’s Three AM spot, video:

Well over a year into the disaster known as the Obama presidency, Bruce McQuain, McQ [1], looks at a president who is  long on promises and short on decisions:

A variation of that theme is now playing out in Washington DC as Obama’s leadership, such that it is, is most definitely being questioned and challenged.  The growing perception is he’s weak and ineffective. That his only strength, as Hillary Clinton alluded too, is a good speech. That he’s all talk and no action.

Mr. President, the voters elected you to lead, and not just to continue your campaign.  Put down the grecian column, turn down your thermostat and get to doing the work you were elected to do.