Live and on tape, in Full Stereophonic Buzzing, it’s the…. long heralded ummmm. much anticipated (OK, never mind… actually nobody knew about it at all…) …return of the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere….
The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble

OK, yes, I’m back for I’m not sure how long this time. The job I was chasing didn’t work out, and I’m looking at other options at the moment, which could start this process all over again. We’ll see, and I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile,  let’s have a look around us, shall we?

  • THE HEALTHCARE SHAM: Nothing about the Democrats and their actions surrounding their attempts to get Obama-care into law can be considered surprising.  That includes the hypocrisy involved.  I’ve been watching this business from afar, and frankly have been going through withdrawal symptoms because of my lack of ability to respond in any amount of detail from the road.If you will recall, one of the major reasons we were told that this whole thing was going to go into law, one of the reasons that we were told the democrats wanted this in place was to lower premiums.  The problem, we were told, was that the premiums were far too high.  Now it seems that the press has finally caught on to the fact that premiums under this Obama pushed plan would rise, and not just by a little. So, once again, the Obama administration is revealed as lying. Like I said, none of this should be a surprise.And are the reports from the CBO Accurate? The democrats have been spending so much time touting the one Congressional Budget Office report or another, as a sales tool for Obamacare, that the strain is starting to show at the CBO. Does anybody questioned the possibility , nay, the probability that errors are in the reports the Democrats are using as a sales gimmick?  Further, who is it that is providing assurance , and accountability, with regards to those reports.  Does anybody really consider that the CBO is immune to the intense political pressures that we see mounting in Washington these days?
  • St. Pat: I could hardly ignore the day. So here’s a pic from the Balloon Festival at Dansville NY a few years ago, that jumped to mind when I saw the Calendar.
  • THE ISRAEL SNUB: I’ve gotten to the point where I am firmly convinced that this recent back and forth with Israel was premeditated on the part of the Obama administration.  We have been partners and friends with Israel for so long that one simply cannot come to this level of screw up without it being by intent .  I see The New Republic agrees… saying in part:

    The return of menace to Jerusalem is not because a mid-level bureaucrat announced stage four of a seven-stage process in the eventual construction of 1,600 apartments in Ramat Shlomo, a Jewish neighborhood in northeast Jerusalem. Such announcements and building projects have become so routine over the years that Palestinians have scarcely responded, let alone violently…..

    …. Why, then, the outbreak of violence now? Why Hamas’s “day of rage” over Jerusalem and the Palestinian Authority’s call to gather on the Temple Mount to “save” the Dome of the Rock from non-existent plans to build the Third Temple? Why the sudden outrage over rebuilding a synagogue, destroyed by the Jordanians in 1948, in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter, when dozens of synagogues and yeshivas have been built in the quarter without incident?

    The answer lies not in Jerusalem but in Washington. By placing the issue of building in Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem at the center of the peace process, President Obama has inadvertently challenged the Palestinians to do no less.

    So, then why the change in Washington on Israel?  First of all, I think Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother in law, Dr. Hagai Ben-Artzi has it right: Obama is at least an anti-semite. Given recent events I am once again astonished that so many Jews can perform the self destructive act of voting Democrat.

  • THE SWITCH IS ON: Scott Rasmussen says the GOP has opened up a 10 point lead on the generic congressional ballot. At the same time, Gallup is reporting in their tracking polls that more people are disapproving of all Bama and his job performance than are approving.  The implications here are astonishing.  Thing is, they’re being ignored by the Democrats and the mainstream press.  But, I repeat myself.
  • BOILING THE FROGS AS A SALVATION: In a contest for the single most dishonest blogger on the planet, Ezra Klein is near the top of the list.  So it doesn’t surprise me at all to see him trying to draw parallels between the current Healthcare debacle, and Medicare.  The implication being that people will eventually like Obama care.  Megan McArdle doesn’t think so.  Neither do I.  Says Megan;

    “Now, Medicare popularity did improve after it passed. On the other hand, it wasn’t passed despite terrible polling, with a controversial process, by a political party that was tanking in popularity thanks to a grinding recession.”

    The theory of the boiled frog comes to mind on this one, as well. Steve Yates describes it this way:

    In other words, if people become acclimated to some policy or state of affairs over a sufficient period of time, they come to accept the policy or state of affairs as normal.

    It seems apparent that this is the phenom that Klein is counting on. Sorta like what the Soviets experienced in Beria’s time.

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