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  • THE OBAMACARE VOTE:I really don’t have a whole bunch to add to what I said earlier this morning. In reading commentary around the sphere I don’t see any persuasive arguments that this thing is going to be changed even assuming a massive change in party domination after the midterm elections.  Nor am I convinced that there will or will not be a political lift for either party over this thing going forward.  Nor, frankly, I sure that in the end it matters very much at all.  Now, that’s not despair talking, that’s a look at the other countries who have gone through the kind of travails that Obama and company have set us on the road toward, last night.  The countries that have tried government as a solution to health care issues have found it to be a disaster.  But none of them have mounted a successful effort at reversing direction on big government in any substantial way.  On that basis I find predictions of reversing this monster in future congresses to be laughable at best.  The wild card in all of that is going to be the lawsuits being put together by the individual states.  Virginia, for one.  But personally, I refuse to get excited about such matters right now.  the reason for that is simple, and it’s one I mentioned this morning; the next thing on the Obama plate is immigration.  Amnesty.  That’s going to change the dynamic of the electorate to the point where this stuff will be enshrined in stone.  Does anybody seriously think those benefiting from amnesty will not become lifelong Democrats, and vote as such?  As for the rest, I admit that there is a part of me that refuses to believe that the Health care that I receive should be fodder for political discussion.One of the comments that I keep hearing, (most recently in the comments section at Outside The Beltway ) is that the Republicans didn’t do their job in terms of convincing the country that they really didn’t want this thing.  That’s at least the disingenuous read, given that the polling data shows that by a as close to a 75/25 split as no matter the American people didn’t want this bill.  Seems to me that the Republicans did in fact do the job rather handily.  Or perhaps, the bill was so bad that the American people rejected it without the help of the Republicans.  Either way you read that, there wasn’t much persuasion required in it. Still that didn’t even slow down the Democrats in their pursuit of socialist health care.  That’s true, for all the reasons that I mentioned this morning.  Go and read it.Final comment for today on the subject; The fastest way I can think of to get Republicans elected, and to answer forever the question about integrity of the Republican party is to make repealing this highly unpopular law.  I submit this as a plan of action: Every Republican running for Congressional or Senate seats, should state up front in “Contract with America ” style, that goal number one is to repeal this monstrosity.  I see some of those commenting on the matter suggesting that that’s suicidal .  But given the amount of opposition that we saw in the polling to this bill, I don’t think so.  Moreover, so what?  Let it come down to a referendum. I suggest that taking a strong stand on this, and actually following through on it, is the best thing the Republican party could possibly do in this situation.  The question of course, is, will they?Some of the others commenting here: Rick MoranDan Riehl, and The Washington Examiner, and Brian T. SchwartzThe
  • OBAMA A WAR CRIMINAL? I notice in the mail this morning Cindy Sheehan … (you do remember her supporting Obama in the last election, right?  ) … now calling the Obama a war criminal. The funny part is the mainstream press is ignoring the woman.  Apparently it’s not the veracity of her attack, but whom it is she is attacking that garners the press.
  • TO HELL WITH ALL THE BLOGGERS:  I don’t know what the politics behind “Speak to Power” are.  And, frankly, for this purpose, I really don’t care.  Author T. Sharp, though Points out an incident where former Mayor Willie Harrenton  is supposed to have honored “to hell with all the bloggers”.  Sharp apparently sees clearly what is what, saying:

    The bottom line is that when you say “to hell with all the bloggers” you have automatically stopped the conversation, a discussion that might have served you down the road.

    Well, apparently not.  Yes, the intent of the comment is to stop the conversation.  What Sharp fails to recognize, however, is that citizens discussing matters and coming to their own conclusions seldom serves the interests of liberal politicians.  How much actual discussion, for example, was there about health care?  Granted, that some of that lack of discussion was because of a recognition on the part of the electorate that the debate really wasn’t about health care at all.  But, I digress.  All of this brings up a point that Matt Drudge went to some links to point out to us several years ago; the mainstream media is not serving the purpose of a national discussion.  The only interests that they’re serving in the political world is that of the liberal politician.

  • FEAR MONGERING TOYOTA: Those who have known me for any length of time will tell you that I am not want to defend the Japanese auto companies. I think that the Toyota Prius is probably the worst pile of crap on the highway today, but for reasons that have nothing to do with breaking system.    At the same time I find it interesting that all of these investigations, and lawsuits, should show up at the point in time where the majority holder in the American car companies is our Federal government.   Yes, the same Federal government that is leveling all these investigations.  The more we look at the situation, the more we begin to realize that the supposedly a blown this with Toyota vehicles is overblown and possibly with a less than honest reason behind it. is it possible that our own Federal government is trying to spur American auto sales by fear mongering?   William Briggs at Pajamas Media discusses.

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