DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Bitsblog reminder: Spring ahead, lose an hour of sleep, NASDAQ:

The U.S. and much of Canada will move to daylight-saving?time from standard time on Sunday, when clocks will be moved forward by one hour.

Regular items transmitted from these countries will appear one hour earlier in terms of Greenwich?Mean?Time (GMT).

Not to worry, you’ll get the lost hour of sleep back in the fall.

Soul of American, Kevin Johnson, American Thinker:

If American women in general are the heart of America, then black women are certainly its soul. Aside from running the household for many white women back in the mid-1900s, black women were the confidantes of the ladies of the house for whom many of them worked as servants, caretakers, nannies, and maids.

I think Mr. Johnson’s essay may be more about character than color.   It certainly is a good read.

Wrong answer, wrong question,Rachel Ward:

ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks says she won’t be running for congress. The Republican had been considering a bid for the seat that was vacated by Democrat Eric Massa.

Maggie needs to run for Congress but not in the Twenty-Ninth.  Her target should be Louise Slaughter.    That Louise Slaughter as in the Slaughter Rule, from Kim Priestap, Wizbang:

In case you’re unfamiliar, the Slaughter Rule is named after Louise “she wore her dead sister’s dentures” Slaughter and it works like this: The speaker brings a bill containing a list of changes that the House wants to make to the Senate bill to the floor for a vote. When the House members vote for and pass this list of changes to the Senate bill, the House will deem the Senate bill as passed as well, even though the Senate bill itself was never voted on to begin with.

Slaughtering the Constituti0n for party, president and Mrs. Pelosi.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mark Levin is not willing to wait till January, video:

Hat tip: Allah Pundit, Hot Air.

What the flock is Mrs. Clinton smoking, by Matthew Lee:

WASHINGTON (AP) – A senior U.S. official says Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to complain bluntly about Israel’s announcement this week of new housing settlements in East Jerusalem.

The official said Clinton spoke with Netanyahu Friday “to deliver a very strong message with regard to events over the past week.” She said that Israel is expected to take actions to improve the prospects for relaunching peace talks with the Palestinians. The official spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the call.

Mrs. Clinton wants the State of Israel to negotiate with a party, the Palestinians, that refuse to recognize Israels right to even exist, and she so stupid as to think that apartment building are obstacle to peace.

More, Jennifer Rubin, Commentary:

[T]he Obami’s insistence that it is building in Israel’s capital, not the persistence of terrorism or the refusal to recognize the Jewish state, that serves to “undermine trust.” As skewed and as unwelcome as much of that public message


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